Happy New Year

It has been quite an eventful year in 2021. Though its eventful, I felt like it was pretty bleak given what I have achieved.

Things that I thought I did well in 2020, somewhat went down the drain due to prolonged lockdown that somewhat impacted my mental health. Nevertheless, I have somewhat turned a new leaf and now looking forward for a better year in 2022.

I honestly have not charted the things that I want to achieve, but the objective and goals probably the same as last year, which is probably the same as the previous year. This is always the time of the year that I reflect against the challenges that I have faced, and see how am I going to do better.

The thing in my mind, is to take things a step at a time. Trying to achieve too many things together at the same time just not going to work. The key to achieving my goals is to be consistent. My problem has always been …. Not being consistent.

Nevertheless, its a brand new year. Time to buck up and achieve great things this year!



Tropical cyclone depression has resulted in almost 36 hours of continuous raining in central parts of Peninsular Malaysia. This has resulted in flood in various places, Scary days.

Even my office lower ground floor/lobby was flooded, At least few feet deep. I am not sure whether the ATM is still usable but its definitely looks scary. I won’t be coming to office anytime soon but I do hope those people that parked their car (some had to do shift) are safe. Looks really bad indeed.

This is a reminder for us that climate change is real and we do need to balance the development as well as the impact to the environment.


Searching For Purpose

It has been a long time since I last posted anything to this blog. I guess blogging is dead. Is it right?

Well – this is a space that I created decades ago to share my thoughts, my work, my life (to an extent where I think I want to share). I will continue to use this site to extract what ever creative juice that I have to the world. Not like there’s anybody that read this blog.

Anyway – it is quite fascinating. In fact – over the last one year, I don’t think I posted much when it comes to my blog post, oh why? Well – I am just too bogged down with work and other distractions. Or should I say I am well distracted with a lot of things. Me being me, always hot hot chicken shit. Like this particular posting, probably be the only one that I will write in the next few months. The next one could probably be in another quarter or so.

So – back to the question, is blogging dead?

Is it?

Well – lets see. Maybe I need to put up a challenge sometime next year to blog for 365 days straight. Certainly – a lot easier that to do a video log which requires tonnes of effort.

So lets see – I need to think on whether I should commit. Should I or should I not, yes? No? Maybe? Wouldn’t it be better if I were to post it on LinkedIn instead and get more likes there?

I guess the question in my mind is – what is my goal and purpose of putting this blog up. It started as sharing space for my photography works which has since dropped to almost zero. Sigh, too many hobbies and too little time. I need to revamp! I need get back to it.

Anyway – enough ranting, time to sleep. Perhaps I’ll get some inspiration….

What’s that?

The photo above is my usual walking route. My workout routine now usually consists of both walking and going to the gym. Depending on what time I wake up in the morning, I will vary my workout. If I do have time (and my gear ready for gym), I will certainly try to go to the gym as it gives me the right amount of push to burn the damn calories. But lately, I’ve been less disciplined. Seriously. Need to get me back up to the mental tenacity that I have experienced before MCO. The shoulder injury, followed by the minor side effect from vaccination (which I think is purely mental) just driving me down the rabbit hole and not being able to get out. (Perhaps – I should use this blog as my recovery journey?)

Anyway – it is already 11pm at night, I should be going to sleep rather than wasting time on my iPad (maybe cause excited as I just bought the new iPad). Seriously?

I shall think of a topic to write tomorrow. Maybe I should do this 365 days of writing. Who knows, my “England” may turn up better after 365 days!

Till tomorrow…..



It is day 1 of Full MCO. I do not care of what people say about it, but the principle behind it is very simple…


To protect Yourself,

Your Family,

Your Loved Ones

I have heard so many stories, some are from really close friends. In the past, I always heard from social media, but this time around, a few of those people are within the people that I personally know. There is no more time to waste, now is the time for us to really do what we needed to do months ago, which is to stay home to stay safe.

But – despite all of these, there are also certain groups of people which will need to still go out. And this is limited to what the government classify essential services. Yes – the SOP is not done properly, it is highly confusing and at times filled with gaps, but the fact of the matter is very simple –


In the past 24 hours, it has been quite a hassle to ensure the carer that my family paid to come over to my parents’ house, which so happens to be outside of the district. We have been relying on the carer’s service for many years and this pandemic has really made it a lot more challenging. The way to get the permission permit is so confusing, especially for niche but essential service like carers. As we speak, we are still trying to do what we need to do but it definitely seems difficult. Let us hope and pray that I am able to find a way to make this possible, because without a carer – it is really troublesome for my dad given that he stays with my mum. The rest of my siblings stay in different districts.



First things first – make sure you take the proper measures to ensure your and your household’s safety (we are in lockdown).

Second – instead of finding fault, look for suggestion and funnel them to the right channel.


You think that the vaccination is so slow.

Why don’t you volunteer rather than complaining ?

If you have nothing better to say or to help, stay home and keep quiet.


Ranting on Covid

Petugas barisan hadapan sudah penat. Tapi kami masih gagahi demi menyelamatkan nyawa anda. Bantulah kami untuk bantu anda & keluarga

One of the highest new cases per million In the World because?

  1. Kerajaan Gagal… (failure government)
  2. Vaksin Lembab… (slow vaccination)
  3. Stupid MCO… Ineffective lockdown

But have we ever thought that some Malaysians:

  • …. still cross districts despite knowing that…
  • … still go to the shopping mall for the sake of jalan jalan despite knowing that…
  • still jalan jalan visit your loved ones for raya despite knowing that…
  • … still go to your girlfriends/boyfriends house… despite knowing that…
  • … still do group running/cycling and claim “bumping” into them… despite knowing that ….
  • … still go into panic buying despite knowing that….
  • … still cross-state border by making up an excuse and ask for permit despite knowing that….

It is not about whether you allowed or not allowed..

It is not about whether you get caught..

It is not about whether I see other people do.. so I do…

It is about us taking responsibility and accountability for the actions … our own actions…The front liners are suffering and doing their very best, and what are we doing as Malaysians?

Our own attitude will cause many more people who will suffer due to the economic slowdown because of the stupidity of some Malaysians and their “tidak apa” attitude.

We, as Malaysians, need to start to take responsibility for what is happening. ..The only way we can get thru this if we do this TOGETHER


Writer’s Block

One of the reasons why I continue to write a blog is because I want to improve my writing. Being a non-native speaker, I am not very good at writing long articles. My emails are generally short and concise. In some instances, it is just a three-letter acronym email.
At this point, I have a writer’s block. I do not have a clue about what to write at all!

Fundamentally, I do not have a topic of focus for my blog. If I list down the things that I intend to do with my blog, here goes:

1 – Sharing my photos
2 – Sharing my illustration
3 – Sharing my travels
4 – Infographics about things that I learn
5 – Ramblings about current affairs (anything and everything).

It is a personal blog, so therefore I do not have a particular topic per se. Looking at the priorities above, most of the items do not require much writing apart from number 5. Even I dive further to the most popular post on my blog; my JPJ blacklist adventure is by far the highest.

Writing topics like that are good, but it requires a lot of research and experience. I can always perform desktop research and consolidate the findings in a post, but I do find that to be time-consuming. Perhaps I could change my focus towards writing up processes as what I do at work on specific government topics – like license renewal or passport renewal. Again – this is time-consuming and time that I do not have.

The reason why I can write at this point is that it is car-free morning and I want to go to KL to do some street shooting. The roads are opened at 9 am, and now it is 8.30 am. KL Car Free Morning is now twice a month – on 1st, and 2nd Sunday between 7 am to 9 am.

The other option that I can do is to write a topic that I am very familiar with, which is to do PowerPoint deck. I think I am probably in the top 30% hence it will be useful if I write on this topic!

See – I don’t have a writer’s block anymore. Writing helps me to clear my mind and brainstorm. Let’s see if I can do this. I am going to target to write my first article of deck making today! In fact – I will start a new Category just on PowerPoint. This is going to be fun!

p/s – My 30 days challenge to post a blog post everyday is completed but of course it is not published yet. It has been scheduled till March!


Reflections after 15 years

My first blog post is on 3rd February 2005. That is almost 16 years of blogging. It started on which was then migrated to after I bought the domain.

It started as a personal sharing space. More for me to write down my ramblings then progressed into a place where I share my photos. Back when there was no Facebook, blog was the best way to share my photos. In fact – whenever I share something on the net, I will point back to my blog.

My 500px page
My not really updated flickr page!

Many years later, a lot of my friends have abandoned their blog for more sharing services such as 500px and Flickr. I have left Flickr but continue to use the blog as it allows me to practice my writings. Honestly – it has been up and down but reading thru the blog is a journey thru my life. I do hope to continue to write on this blog because it is a real journal of my online presence. Yes – I do have a paper journal that I keep, but I do want my online presence to be there as long as I am here.

I don’t market my blog as much as I should do, but to me, it is a personal space that every now and then somebody will see. I should continue my journey of self-discovery and use the blog as sharing space on Facebook. At least when I share something, somebody will open my blog and check out the article that I write.

The thing about my blog is that I treat it like an Instagram. I post a picture instead of sharing an article. I should start moving into an article mode rather than sharing single photos. Writing this personal note – made me think on the direction of the blog. I need more people to read my blog, so I need to write a more comprehensive article so that it becomes a real point of reference.

I guess, today’s morning rambling really made me think and decide on the direction. I will still continue to post single images but will focus most of my effort on writing articles for sharing. The one of top of my head is the one on Pulau Duyung. After my trip to Kuala Terengganu, it really made me think of the things that are lost in Malaysia and how we should continue to preserve it, online or offline.

The conversation that I had with Taib and Naquib really opened my eyes. While other people looking at holidays outside the country, I should focus on discovering the different aspects of life in the country. Yes – it may sounds cliche, but this is a more fulfilling aspect of life.


Critical Allowances Removed


There has been an uproar of the removal of the critical allowances from 33 professions. Based on the comment from PSD deputy director-general (Development) Datuk Suhaime Mahbar, the introduction of the allowance in 1992 was because some of the roles that were offered by PSD was not attractive enough. Resulting in a lot of vacancies. Reference here.

But decades past, there are far more doctors that are coming into the service versus the number of vacancies available. What puzzles me is that, if not enough vacancies, why is there an impression that the junior doctors are overworked and underpaid. The estimation of the headcount should take into consideration the required FTE per the estimated volume. As such, there should not be a situation where the junior doctors are overworked. There is something wrong somewhere.

I am not a doctor, but I am not a fan of an underpaid or overworked situation. Plus, because the transition is so abrupt, there will be a case where two individuals, doing the same type of work are paid differently. And for an amount of RM750 over a basic salary of RM2,947 – that is quite significant.

I do think that something needs to be done here. There are a couple of options out there, few on top of my mind this morning are:

  1. Reintroduce back the Critical Service Allowance
  2. Make sure enough FTE so that there are no cases of overworked

I don’t have any comments on the salary of a junior doctor because I am not in the industry. But I do think, a basic salary of circa RM4000 is not enough for a fresh graduate in this day and age. When I first started work back in 1999, my basic salary was about RM2400 and then add up the overtime, I was paid about RM3500. Of course, it is definitely the case of overworked because I do generally spend 10-12 hours at work. About a year later, the firm did an adjustment of the salary scheme and removed the overtime allowance and introduced a higher basic salary. My salary was adjusted to RM3500. Mind you, this was back in the year 2000. And of course, with quick progression, my salary was already up to RM6000 in the next 2 years. For comparison sake, by the time I was already earning RM6000, my friends who were studying medicine would have just graduated and started their journey as a houseman earning a meagre salary.

So. is it fair for a doctor who spent more than 5 years studying (versus an engineer like me who only spent 3 years), and worked as much if not longer than me – to earn such a small salary? Their services are far more important than me who is doing for profit. They are doing the nation a service by providing healthcare to the common citizens. Yes, eventually, as they progress, they will be able to gain their specialization and earn much more money than I do. But – to be fair, they are an important aspect to society and we should give them the right and fair benefit.

This article is of my own personal views,


Sometimes you wonder

Whether the decisions that you make is the right or the wrong one. It’s never easy to be honest but sometimes we just need to you just to take a leap of faith.

I usually leap first before thorough thinking. Not the best thing to do but at least I am decisive. Being decisive to me is very important. Quick thinking is good. But I guess it does apply to a lot of things. It has created quite a bit of problem to me in the past but I learn to live with it because it is important for me to take ownership of my decisions.

There are several things that I practice though:

  • We do what we need to do to make it happen
  • No harm trying. What worst can happen.


In fact for the second principle – a wise business guru told me before in a short coffee session… in Malay


Mencuba Itu Hak … Mendapat Itu Rezeki

Which means in English – to try is your right, and to get it is your profit. Which is true. Especially when I was doing sales. We should just try. Worst comes to worst – you won’t get the deal. But of course we need to consider the fact that doing it may incur irrecoverable cost. Writing proposals are not cheap.

So anyway – in the past couple of years – I have not been very discipline. Seriously – been doing things without thinking of the implications. And these are not matters surrounding my job but mostly personal decisions. Example – deciding what to eat. Haha.

So I guess – I need to start a program. Earlier last year I embarked on a 365 days project, which was going very well until I fell off the bandwagon. Perhaps it’s good time to start again. Now that I have more control of my time; it’s only wise to do start this again.

It’s not going to be easy but I must do it. The question remains whether I want am o be public about it. Haha. I remember posting the day summary. Everyday. Perhaps time to restart again. It was very effective I must say. So I guess – today is day zero. Tomorrow is day 1!

This is so random but just do it!!


This is annoying

I was in a rush just now and was buying a new iPad. I should have looked properly. I do remember that I asked for a cellular model, but ended up getting the WiFi model. Sigh. This is super annoying, but its ok la. Using a 4G model is good, but when I roam its not that I can use it and I need to tether from my phone anyway!

I am trying to make myself comfortable with this, which I am sure I can. Tethering is easy. In fact – a lot of my friends are using tethering now instead of using 4G. It’s convenient but its not the best option. Battery could be an issue ? No? Ha ha. It’s ok.

So now – rather than going back to change, its totally my fault for not checking the stock. Really – my fault. Was rushing. Should have looked properly. I guess I just need to get use to it. At least for the next couple of years…. 🙂

I know what I want to do with the iPad – so lets just use for what I want to use it for. He he. Which is reading…. and more reading. And more blogging perhaps.

Ha hahahahaha


And the lawyer team quit again

I read this news from The Star yesterday. The link is here


There are few scenarios that can be interpret here:

  1. Ex Prime Minister has found a much stronger legal team to defend the alleged incoming charges against him.
  2. The legal team from the US (allegedly he hired some strong team) cannot work with the current legal team, and hence they are changing that.
  3. The legal team thinks that its going to be a losing case hence they abandon ship.
  4. The legal team subjected to intimidation from hidden hand causing them to abandon ship.

Well to be honest, there is no case now to start with. There have been so much rumor and media article portraying the ex-PM as a criminal. We need to go by the principle that people are innocent until proven guilty. This is exactly what a good attorney should keep in mind and fight for client’s rights. Check out the Mike G Law website to learn more about local criminal defense attorney. In fact, he had only been called for questioning and no charges have been made against him. Until that happen let’s see. Media is doing trial without a jury now!

I am apolitical – as such I hope the people who are guilty are brought to justice. The alleged corruption that is put against the ex-PM is worst than what people thought. It is not just about 1MDB but about a lot more. If that’s all true – it is a blatant use of power for own personal gain. And again – truth is a perception of what the lawyers made to the court. Perception can be deceived thru smart use of words and evidence. In fact – technicality can also be employed that is the worst. Well – I am not a law expert, such is by watching too much of television.

This week we also finally get the new Attorney General(AG). Apparently he is one of the best lawyers out there. I am keen to see how that will change the landscape. In fact – having a strong AG is important. I remember watching some stupid videos in which our AG team can’t even speak decent English.

Just watch the video above. It so hideous. I think me as a lawyer can probably defend or question in a much better way. But anyway – it does not matter anymore. No point looking at the past and pointing fingers, the most important for us is to look forward and hope the best for Malaysia. There are so many new things coming, and with a culmination of all the good things, hopefully the perception of Malaysia will change and our growth will be turbocharged! Foreign investors look at the stability of a country. And it is important for us to create fundamental framework based on the rule of law that will enable business to flourish.

Anyway – the development is still coming. We know what we know.