Critical Allowances Removed



There has been an uproar of the removal of the critical allowances from 33 professions. Based on the comment from PSD deputy director-general (Development) Datuk Suhaime Mahbar, the introduction of the allowance in 1992 was because some of the roles that were offered by PSD was not attractive enough. Resulting in a lot of vacancies. Reference here.

But decades past, there are far more doctors that are coming into the service versus the number of vacancies available. What puzzles me is that, if not enough vacancies, why is there an impression that the junior doctors are overworked and underpaid. The estimation of the headcount should take into consideration the required FTE per the estimated volume. As such, there should not be a situation where the junior doctors are overworked. There is something wrong somewhere.

I am not a doctor, but I am not a fan of an underpaid or overworked situation. Plus, because the transition is so abrupt, there will be a case where two individuals, doing the same type of work are paid differently. And for an amount of RM750 over a basic salary of RM2,947 – that is quite significant.

I do think that something needs to be done here. There are a couple of options out there, few on top of my mind this morning are:

  1. Reintroduce back the Critical Service Allowance
  2. Make sure enough FTE so that there are no cases of overworked

I don’t have any comments on the salary of a junior doctor because I am not in the industry. But I do think, a basic salary of circa RM4000 is not enough for a fresh graduate in this day and age. When I first started work back in 1999, my basic salary was about RM2400 and then add up the overtime, I was paid about RM3500. Of course, it is definitely the case of overworked because I do generally spend 10-12 hours at work. About a year later, the firm did an adjustment of the salary scheme and removed the overtime allowance and introduced a higher basic salary. My salary was adjusted to RM3500. Mind you, this was back in the year 2000. And of course, with quick progression, my salary was already up to RM6000 in the next 2 years. For comparison sake, by the time I was already earning RM6000, my friends who were studying medicine would have just graduated and started their journey as a houseman earning a meagre salary.

So. is it fair for a doctor who spent more than 5 years studying (versus an engineer like me who only spent 3 years), and worked as much if not longer than me – to earn such a small salary? Their services are far more important than me who is doing for profit. They are doing the nation a service by providing healthcare to the common citizens. Yes, eventually, as they progress, they will be able to gain their specialization and earn much more money than I do. But – to be fair, they are an important aspect to society and we should give them the right and fair benefit.

This article is of my own personal views,

Sometimes you wonder


Whether the decisions that you make is the right or the wrong one. It’s never easy to be honest but sometimes we just need to you just to take a leap of faith.

I usually leap first before thorough thinking. Not the best thing to do but at least I am decisive. Being decisive to me is very important. Quick thinking is good. But I guess it does apply to a lot of things. It has created quite a bit of problem to me in the past but I learn to live with it because it is important for me to take ownership of my decisions.

There are several things that I practice though:

  • We do what we need to do to make it happen
  • No harm trying. What worst can happen.


In fact for the second principle – a wise business guru told me before in a short coffee session… in Malay


Mencuba Itu Hak … Mendapat Itu Rezeki

Which means in English – to try is your right, and to get it is your profit. Which is true. Especially when I was doing sales. We should just try. Worst comes to worst – you won’t get the deal. But of course we need to consider the fact that doing it may incur irrecoverable cost. Writing proposals are not cheap.

So anyway – in the past couple of years – I have not been very discipline. Seriously – been doing things without thinking of the implications. And these are not matters surrounding my job but mostly personal decisions. Example – deciding what to eat. Haha.

So I guess – I need to start a program. Earlier last year I embarked on a 365 days project, which was going very well until I fell off the bandwagon. Perhaps it’s good time to start again. Now that I have more control of my time; it’s only wise to do start this again.

It’s not going to be easy but I must do it. The question remains whether I want am o be public about it. Haha. I remember posting the day summary. Everyday. Perhaps time to restart again. It was very effective I must say. So I guess – today is day zero. Tomorrow is day 1!

This is so random but just do it!!

This is annoying


I was in a rush just now and was buying a new iPad. I should have looked properly. I do remember that I asked for a cellular model, but ended up getting the WiFi model. Sigh. This is super annoying, but its ok la. Using a 4G model is good, but when I roam its not that I can use it and I need to tether from my phone anyway!

I am trying to make myself comfortable with this, which I am sure I can. Tethering is easy. In fact – a lot of my friends are using tethering now instead of using 4G. It’s convenient but its not the best option. Battery could be an issue ? No? Ha ha. It’s ok.

So now – rather than going back to change, its totally my fault for not checking the stock. Really – my fault. Was rushing. Should have looked properly. I guess I just need to get use to it. At least for the next couple of years…. ๐Ÿ™‚

I know what I want to do with the iPad – so lets just use for what I want to use it for. He he. Which is reading…. and more reading. And more blogging perhaps.

Ha hahahahaha

And the lawyer team quit again


I read this news from The Star yesterday. The link is here


There are few scenarios that can be interpret here:

  1. Ex Prime Minister has found a much stronger legal team to defend the alleged incoming charges against him.
  2. The legal team from the US (allegedly he hired some strong team) cannot work with the current legal team, and hence they are changing that.
  3. The legal team thinks that its going to be a losing case hence they abandon ship.
  4. The legal team subjected to intimidation from hidden hand causing them to abandon ship.

Well to be honest, there is no case now to start with. There have been so much rumor and media article portraying the ex-PM as a criminal. We need to go by the principle that people are innocent until proven guilty.ย This is exactly what a good attorney should keep in mind and fight for client’s rights. Check out the Mike G Law website to learn more about local criminal defense attorney. In fact, he had only been called for questioning and no charges have been made against him. Until that happen let’s see. Media is doing trial without a jury now!

I am apolitical – as such I hope the people who are guilty are brought to justice. The alleged corruption that is put against the ex-PM is worst than what people thought. It is not just about 1MDB but about a lot more. If that’s all true – it is a blatant use of power for own personal gain. And again – truth is a perception of what the lawyers made to the court. Perception can be deceived thru smart use of words and evidence. In fact – technicality can also be employed that is the worst. Well – I am not a law expert, such is by watching too much of television.

This week we also finally get the new Attorney General(AG). Apparently he is one of the best lawyers out there. I am keen to see how that will change the landscape. In fact – having a strong AG is important. I remember watching some stupid videos in which our AG team can’t even speak decent English.

Just watch the video above. It so hideous. I think me as a lawyer can probably defend or question in a much better way. But anyway – it does not matter anymore. No point looking at the past and pointing fingers, the most important for us is to look forward and hope the best for Malaysia. There are so many new things coming, and with a culmination of all the good things, hopefully the perception of Malaysia will change and our growth will be turbocharged! Foreign investors look at the stability of a country. And it is important for us to create fundamental framework based on the rule of law that will enable business to flourish.

Anyway – the development is still coming. We know what we know.

My thoughts on Malaysia

I Love Malaysia, Whinings

nature sunset clouds space

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This is probably the first time that I am writing about my feeling on Malaysia. I have about 8 mins before I need to prepare for work. Its time to work!

In the last General Election – we have seen that the opposition(then) has won the election. It is a surprise to a lot of people. To be honest. A lot of people has a lot of hope for the Pakatan Harapan to win, but never thought that they would. I would say who I support as voting is secret. When the news that they have won came out, it took many hours before the official declaration was made. I remember staying up so late for this. I guess – deep inside myself – I am hoping for a better Malaysia.

Couple of weeks has passed, so many press conferences, so many news, so many appointments, and have we seen any changes. Well there were some. The one that really impacted the Rakyat was GST. GST was set to zero rate and practically giving all of Malaysians a tax holiday. 3 months from now, SST will be reintroduced again. It definitely spurred a lot of spending. Can see from the shopping malls all – a lot of people are out shopping. Perhaps to buy stuffs for Raya that is next week.

I feel that the country has a lot of potential. Perhaps in the previous ruling party, people were allegedly greedy and siphoned off a considerable amount of money. Despite strong economic fundamentals, there were a lot of alleged misuse of public funds for personal gains. All they way from the top. This is of course are just allegation and not yet proven.

Days after the election, the previous Prime Minister was barred from leaving the country, police was called in to do searches in his houses and offices. Stash of cash and luxury items were seized. Amazingly – this is something that very interesting indeed. Basic common sense will say that this is definitely comes from bribes and commissions from major projects (we are talking about few hundred millions here).

Well – as a Prime Minister, you probably make about approximately MYR100k per month, no way you would be able to save even 10M. Is it greed? I don’t know. These are unproved allegations that we will need to wait for the police to continue to investigate and determined whether its true or not. The previous prime minister has lawyered up, getting some of the best lawyers in the world (coming from US!). I guess based on the rule of law, he needs to be given the right to defend himself.

We need to remember that its never a one person act. Being in power for more than 60 years, it is an ecosystem that has been broken. Some of my acquaintance that has strong ties to then government of the day are living in luxury. I am not talking about businessmen but politically aligned individuals. Well – that is a career for them and let it be. I just hope that what ever the outcome is, the more important part is for the greater good of the rakyat is taken care off.

As what I’ve been telling people, witch hunt is not something that we want to see. People should stop politicking and start governing. I know it is difficult for the current government to do that because they have been trying very hard to get to Putrajaya, and finally the hard earned effort materialized. And now is the harder part of the work which is to make it work.

I have strong believe that this will work. 100 days may be to short to determined how successful is the current government. Some quick wins are possible (like GST) – but there are more work that needs to be done to make it work. Remember, happy people does not equate to a successful country. We do have a very strong economic fundamentals – and with the new government, I strongly believe it’ll give a much needed boost to bring us to the next level.

I think I wrote enough for now. Its time to go to work. Perhaps another day I can continue whining ๐Ÿ™‚