• I really wonder what is instilled for me in the future
  • Am I really happy with the present
  • Did I do well in the past

In the past couple of weeks, I have been getting reflections of my past memories. Memories of the moments when things were so much simpler. The days when I first started work. And it made me think, of what will it be if I were in the same position at the same time today.

It is always hard to think about this. Different times, different season, different variables. Did I make the right decisions then, could I have chosen a different path and shape a different me. Will I be happier.

Honestly – there is no right or wrong answer. I have made very wise decisions before, and of course have made very bad ones too. Some I still regret till today. But life is never fair, and we need to continue to move on. What’s important is what are you going to today, tomorrow and the next days after. What happened before will just be memories and history. We should not be sad or happy with what had been done, but we need to think forward. We can always be a better person in the next minute, but never the previous minute.

So much of pondering today. Wonder why I am like this. Perhaps – I have been alone, not much of meeting people or socializing. Perhaps that’s the case why my mind is going guns blazing.

Such serious thoughts for a Saturday night.

Waking up early


Waking up early is difficult. Especially when you are used to sleeping late. Having a good 8 hours sleep is almost impossible if you are working in environment which requires you to work extra hours. I always strive to wake up at 4.30am every morning because it’s the best time for the recollect my mind and do what I need to do.

Waking up at 4.30am means that I would need to sleep at 8.30pm. Not easy when you get back home at 8 every day! Tough I must say but we need to do what we need to do. Distraction and temptations are all out there. Youtube, Netflix and Facebook. The root of all evil I must say. It really eats up my time.

I watched one of youtube video last night and it says that I need to remove temptation from my life in order to create self discipline. Not so easy as I would need to use things like youtube for my work. More like for my self-learning. There are tonnes of good videos out there like from ted.com and such. I guess – I need to find another way.

Anyway – what do I do when I wake up so early. Well – the first thing I do is to go workout. I always find excuse to not workout when I wake up late. More like I wanted to be in office or start work by 8.30am the latest. The earlier I start the better as I am able to get more things done, especially in the early part of the working day. When the day pass 10am – there will be so much of conference calls and meetings that I need to attend. It really makes my life difficult if I start work later. I will end up having so much work postponed later. Not so fun to be honest. I always strive to finish work by 7pm because I wanted to eat dinner early. Eating dinner late is bad.

So what is my strategy for today? I don’t know to be honest. Let’s see… I did manage to wake up about 4.30 and was in gym by 5.15am 🙂