Sometimes, you got into a mood to just write.

Life is sometimes so unpredictable, for months I have no mood to write at all but today, I seems to be motivated to write on this blog. It is 6.45am, and I am waiting for my coffee machine to heat up. Usually – it’ll kick in at 5.45am, but the water tank is empty – as such, I needed to fill it up and wait for for the temperature to go up.

It has been a whirlwind year, in fact – life since January 2022 has been very challenging as I was involved in a mega project that took so much out of my life. In fact – now that the project is over, I am feeling as if there’s a blank in my work life. Not getting the attention that I used to get! I guess, sometimes I do think whether I am a person who craze for attention. But – notwithstanding, I should keep shut and do what I need to do for the things that I want to achieve.

Now that I have moved on, it is time to then focus on my next project (or rather a side project) that has somewhat delayed for many months. The side project is creating of my new abode which I am hoping to complete by next month! It is fun, and it is time for a change.

Really looking forward for the move, hopefully soon – hopefully not that long more. Target by end of October, to fully move out. So many things to do, and of course – me being me, procrastinate as much as I possibly can and leave it to the last minute. Well – I guess, I do have the things that I want to bring over and a lot of things that I want to just leave in this current house. And likely be disposed off. Let’s see.

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