If you didn’t notice from my domain, my name Mohamad Fazli. Some people call me Fuzz and some Fazli, well to certain extent people do call me by the name Mohamad. If you wanna call me John or Tom oso can lar. I am just passed 40 – but I still feel as young as 21! Heh heh. Life is still good, and hope to continue to feel this good as long as I want it to be. He he 😀

Interest wise – just way too many. Too many passion and hobbies can be an expensive affair (very). Some of the things which I do in my free time:

  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Gym
  • Gaming

Wayyyy too many things isn’t it. But heck, life is short – we should work hard and play hard.

I am started my career in consulting with Andersen Consulting and then left to join a company called Adeptis Solutions (in which I was a shareholder but not a founder). Adeptis was subsequently bought over by Datascan which then rebranded themselves to Cuscapi. In 2011, I left Cuscapi and joined back Accenture. I worked for about 7 years before I left and took a 180 degrees turn and join a regional bank from Singapore – UOB. I am part of the support function and is not involved with the daily operations of the bank. I am not an expert in banking so please don’t ask me any difficult questions.

You can view my linkedin profile for more information on my career (and stuffs) – http://my.linkedin.com/pub/mohamad-fazli-mohamad-sarujee/4/685/389

2 thoughts on “About

  1. KY says:

    Hi there,

    Saw your tubeless conversion post, was wondering how much Sunny charged you for that job? Got myself a w800 with tubed tyres so I was wondering if it’s worth it to look into conversion

    1. mohamadfazli says:

      I can’t remember – it was many years ago. Depending what you do with your bike, if it’s town ride, probably not so bad. But if you do touring, this will be helpful.


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