Back at drawing


I am a man of many talents hobbies. Mostly what the malay would say

“hangat hangat tahi ayam”

Or in English its called – Hot hot chicken SHIT!

So drawing is really something that I do want to master in. I am not sure that I have talent but I am sure it is something that I can learn. If I can sketch once a week, I think in the next couple of years – I should be able to come out with something decent.

It is not difficult to sketch, a lot of it are common sense and observation. And more importantly is to practice everyday. I am trying hard to do this but I tend to just forget when I get busy. Whether at work or at home.

I must bring my sketch book where ever I go so that I can draw whenever I have free time. In fact – because I don’t really go out for lunch, it is probably the best time for me to sketch.

I do want to master getting into digital painting, but fundamentally if I don’t get myself ready to sketch and line arts, digital painting will be useless. Its the fundamental of sketching… lighting.. shadows etc etc that is important now. Once I master the basic fundamentals then I can proceed to moving it to digital. Since I can’t really bring my Cintiq where I go, then using a sketchbook is probably the most practical for my drafts, and then scan it over to digital for me to finish it on my desktop!

Here is a short eye that I drew couple of days ago. Its not bad lar – to my standard.

The yes...
The eyes

Here are some of my older sketches.. resembling something similar…

Sketching : New Hobby

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I know for the longest time that I have an inclination towards art. But I have never tried to grow that and let it slide. Inclination towards art does not mean that I am any good at it or have a talent to do art, even if I find the best tips here and there and get excited about applying them. But honestly – I think it is something that I can grow if I continue to do what I do which is to practice. Its definitely not something that is easy but if as I accept the fact that I need to go thru a learning process, I think I will be able to get where I want to reach.

In the past couple of weeks to months, I’ve been meddling around with doodling. I know that I am not good, but I continue to learn and improve myself. And it does get better and better. More importantly – I get to push myself out of the zoned out and stressed environment. Not to say doing art is not stressful, but my mind sails to a universe that is very calm and zen.
I work in a high pressure environment where at any one time I am pressured to deliver. Thinking about work always makes me feel extremely tired and does affect my health quite significantly. In fact in the past week – my blood pressure is extremely high and doctor has prescribed me with BP medication. This is not good. I need to push hard to bring my BP down both thru reducing stress and controlling food (to reduce weight). Hence – drawing and sketching gives me that zen moment that will help me to be calm, especially after work and the weekend.

I am pushing myself to sketch a page every day. Non stop, hopefully I improve my sketching πŸ™‚

My sketching – I do mixed media. I utilise colour pencils, copic markers and now water colour. I am not good in any of them but I guess as I discover what I can and cannot do, I will find out what will be the best medium suited for me. In fact, maybe I just go with all the three mediums.

My end goal is to draw on canvas! I am giving myself another year before starting to draw on canvas. Thats a different animal altogether but hey – we must always try. You never know, I might end up to be like Jim Carrey!

Question that people always ask me is that why I don’t do digital art. Well – to be honest I’ve tried to get into this but the feel of digital is not the same as traditional media. Using pen and paper is definitely so much more fulfilling. I am not doing for commercial, as such pen and paper is the best. And best part, with my latest acquisition of Travellers Notebook, I am able to draw anywhere and everywhere as my notebook is also my sketch book. I just bring along my brass pencil case to carry my art tool πŸ™‚

Illustration – Penny Wise


One of the show that I watched when I was young – IT. Based on a short story from Stephen King. Honestly – I am not very good at watching horror movies, and my friends are not the type that watch that as well. I guess I probably won’t be watching the show anytime soon!

I was browsing my LinkedIn a couple of days ago and saw a friend of mine – sketching/doodling IT and posted in his profile. Then I felt that I needed to sketch this too! Hence I went to sketch. In fact I sketched two version of PennyWise in a day. It was quite fast because I knew what I wanted to draw, and was pretty clear in my mind on how to draw and color it. In fact, because I am practicing physical proportion of a head, it was pretty easy for me to draw this up.

Its interesting to notice the eye in which a different version from what I typically draw! Pretty evil look isn’t it. Its also a study on how an eye structure or shape can effect the mood of a particular portrait. I am far from being able to draw anything realistic to be honest. I hope to be able to draw something realistic in the next years. Really envy to tell you the truth πŸ™‚

Check the video below. Its just amazing! I am inspired-ish πŸ™‚




An interesting rendition of a demon. I saw this drawing somewhere on the internet and was inspired. Whats interesting was that I started working on this at 4am – where I woke up extremely early and wanted to draw something and test my new copic grey markers πŸ™‚

The night before I went to Art Friend to get a box of copic markers! Its fascinating indeed.

I bought a whole bunch of neutrals because I wanted to get access to nice shades πŸ™‚ It was awesome indeed. I couldn’t blend as well as I wanted because I don’t have the right paper to do blending. Sad indeed. The internet recommend X-Press Blending card. I can’t get it in Malaysia though. Maybe need to buy thru amazon. But its ok la. At this point of time, I just learning and getting myself acquainted with sketches. Having fun indeed.


Quick sketch – Osaka Castle


Sometimes it’s fun just to draw a quick 10 mins sketch. Purpose is to get feeling of perspective. When people to street sketching, it’s important to know what to look for. In this case I just do it in my study room aka studio? Haha.

Quick rough sketch followed by quick rough coloring with my markers. Nice to add this stuffs to my sketch book.

I intend to finish up my sketchbook and add more and more sketches. This will be a good way to see how I have progressed I illustration journey. I like to believe that I will progress. Just need to know what I need to improved.


Here is the reference image πŸ™‚