Back at drawing

I am a man of many talents hobbies. Mostly what the malay would say

“hangat hangat tahi ayam”

Or in English its called – Hot hot chicken SHIT!

So drawing is really something that I do want to master in. I am not sure that I have talent but I am sure it is something that I can learn. If I can sketch once a week, I think in the next couple of years – I should be able to come out with something decent.

It is not difficult to sketch, a lot of it are common sense and observation. And more importantly is to practice everyday. I am trying hard to do this but I tend to just forget when I get busy. Whether at work or at home.

I must bring my sketch book where ever I go so that I can draw whenever I have free time. In fact – because I don’t really go out for lunch, it is probably the best time for me to sketch.

I do want to master getting into digital painting, but fundamentally if I don’t get myself ready to sketch and line arts, digital painting will be useless. Its the fundamental of sketching… lighting.. shadows etc etc that is important now. Once I master the basic fundamentals then I can proceed to moving it to digital. Since I can’t really bring my Cintiq where I go, then using a sketchbook is probably the most practical for my drafts, and then scan it over to digital for me to finish it on my desktop!

Here is a short eye that I drew couple of days ago. Its not bad lar – to my standard.

The yes...
The eyes

Here are some of my older sketches.. resembling something similar…

Fun Posts Illustration

Sketching : New Hobby

I know for the longest time that I have an inclination towards art. But I have never tried to grow that and let it slide. Inclination towards art does not mean that I am any good at it or have a talent to do art, even if I find the best tips here and there and get excited about applying them. But honestly – I think it is something that I can grow if I continue to do what I do which is to practice. Its definitely not something that is easy but if as I accept the fact that I need to go thru a learning process, I think I will be able to get where I want to reach.

In the past couple of weeks to months, I’ve been meddling around with doodling. I know that I am not good, but I continue to learn and improve myself. And it does get better and better. More importantly – I get to push myself out of the zoned out and stressed environment. Not to say doing art is not stressful, but my mind sails to a universe that is very calm and zen.
I work in a high pressure environment where at any one time I am pressured to deliver. Thinking about work always makes me feel extremely tired and does affect my health quite significantly. In fact in the past week – my blood pressure is extremely high and doctor has prescribed me with BP medication. This is not good. I need to push hard to bring my BP down both thru reducing stress and controlling food (to reduce weight). Hence – drawing and sketching gives me that zen moment that will help me to be calm, especially after work and the weekend.

I am pushing myself to sketch a page every day. Non stop, hopefully I improve my sketching 🙂

My sketching – I do mixed media. I utilise colour pencils, copic markers and now water colour. I am not good in any of them but I guess as I discover what I can and cannot do, I will find out what will be the best medium suited for me. In fact, maybe I just go with all the three mediums.

My end goal is to draw on canvas! I am giving myself another year before starting to draw on canvas. Thats a different animal altogether but hey – we must always try. You never know, I might end up to be like Jim Carrey!

Question that people always ask me is that why I don’t do digital art. Well – to be honest I’ve tried to get into this but the feel of digital is not the same as traditional media. Using pen and paper is definitely so much more fulfilling. I am not doing for commercial, as such pen and paper is the best. And best part, with my latest acquisition of Travellers Notebook, I am able to draw anywhere and everywhere as my notebook is also my sketch book. I just bring along my brass pencil case to carry my art tool 🙂


Illustration – Penny Wise

One of the show that I watched when I was young – IT. Based on a short story from Stephen King. Honestly – I am not very good at watching horror movies, and my friends are not the type that watch that as well. I guess I probably won’t be watching the show anytime soon!

I was browsing my LinkedIn a couple of days ago and saw a friend of mine – sketching/doodling IT and posted in his profile. Then I felt that I needed to sketch this too! Hence I went to sketch. In fact I sketched two version of PennyWise in a day. It was quite fast because I knew what I wanted to draw, and was pretty clear in my mind on how to draw and color it. In fact, because I am practicing physical proportion of a head, it was pretty easy for me to draw this up.

Its interesting to notice the eye in which a different version from what I typically draw! Pretty evil look isn’t it. Its also a study on how an eye structure or shape can effect the mood of a particular portrait. I am far from being able to draw anything realistic to be honest. I hope to be able to draw something realistic in the next years. Really envy to tell you the truth 🙂

Check the video below. Its just amazing! I am inspired-ish 🙂




An interesting rendition of a demon. I saw this drawing somewhere on the internet and was inspired. Whats interesting was that I started working on this at 4am – where I woke up extremely early and wanted to draw something and test my new copic grey markers 🙂

The night before I went to Art Friend to get a box of copic markers! Its fascinating indeed.

I bought a whole bunch of neutrals because I wanted to get access to nice shades 🙂 It was awesome indeed. I couldn’t blend as well as I wanted because I don’t have the right paper to do blending. Sad indeed. The internet recommend X-Press Blending card. I can’t get it in Malaysia though. Maybe need to buy thru amazon. But its ok la. At this point of time, I just learning and getting myself acquainted with sketches. Having fun indeed.



Quick sketch – Osaka Castle

Sometimes it’s fun just to draw a quick 10 mins sketch. Purpose is to get feeling of perspective. When people to street sketching, it’s important to know what to look for. In this case I just do it in my study room aka studio? Haha.

Quick rough sketch followed by quick rough coloring with my markers. Nice to add this stuffs to my sketch book.

I intend to finish up my sketchbook and add more and more sketches. This will be a good way to see how I have progressed I illustration journey. I like to believe that I will progress. Just need to know what I need to improved.


Here is the reference image 🙂



In the past couple of weeks, I have been indulging myself with illustration over pen, markers and pencil. I am never an art centric person nor I am any good at drawings. But reading thru the internet – it seems that even though you don’t have any talents, it is something that you can learn and pickup along the way. The key is to continue to practice and sketch. Learn and improve.

The reason why I started this thing is to build some sorts of zen to myself. I know it is not easy, and the results are generally shit. But I guess, the more you draw – the more you get better at it. I initially wanted to do digital drawing, in fact I took on myself to take up digital drawing classes (online), but of course if you don’t have the right foundation, no matter what courses you take, its not going to work.

After many failed attempts in the past, I decided to just start a sketchbook and just draw. Draw whats in my mind and continue to push push push. I do realized that I did get a bit better over time. This postings will serve as a medium for me to continue to showcase my work. And hopefully it will get better over time. I am not going to build a career out of this, but this is just to create a sense of satisfaction so that I can enjoy do what I do.

Honestly I do have quite a bit of hobby – from electronics, to photography to now illustration. All about keeping my mind busy and not indulge in activities that are detrimental to myself. To be honest, drawing or rather illustrating is time consuming. It takes hell a lot of time to come out with a nice drawing, but once you see the final product – it does give quite a bit of self satisfaction. I know that my illustration are generally shit, but if I do practice, I believe I would be able to get something out of it.

The illustration shown is a girl in an opera mask. I was inspired by a wall painting in one of the restaurants in Hartamas. Clearly – can see that I am not very good and creating the proportion of a face. In fact whats harder is that the eyes are not balanced. To be honest – it is not easy at all trying to get symmetry. And in the case of a portrait symmetry is important. I believe – it’ll get better over time 🙂

The opera mask girl is done thru outlining using a pencil and pen, followed by coloring using markers.

To be honest – the drawing took quite a while. I think about 3 hours or so! Amazing that I have that much attention to this. I hope its not hot hot chicken shit (malay proverb for – Hangat Hangat Tahi Ayam).


I need to get a watercolor sketch book!!!

Sketching is fun. And I am not good at it but would like to continue to try to do it so that I get better at it!

The sketch book that I have is nice and big but it’s not usable for watercolor!! Look at what happen. 

Need to drop by art friends later today to pickup some small water proof sketch book. Not so big I supposed ?


Trying out water colour

Just testing how watercolor will work on my sketch test. Actually the sketch is a failure because of the perspective. Will continue to sketch on it to figure out what’s the right perspective. It’s the portion on the right of the Capitol building that’s screwy. I do like the smaller details as it creates a nice impact to the image. A pain to do though. Had to use magnifying glass!


Drawing Project – Shoot!

Starting out my new painting project. Managed to sketch a guy trying to shoot a machine gun. That’s the easy part! Next step which is to paint it going to be tough, as I am not really that good at painting.


Ada bagus?


trying out a huge drawing.. like HUGE…

This is only 5% percent..

Screen Shot 2011-09-17 at 10.15.58 AM.jpg



After learning to use squiggles to do shading.. here’s my try on my eyes… Does it work?



Reference picture..

yes (1).jpg


Using squiggles to shade the iris…

Can use aaa..

Screen Shot 2011-09-16 at 11.18.32 AM.jpg