Back at drawing

I am a man of many talents hobbies. Mostly what the malay would say

“hangat hangat tahi ayam”

Or in English its called – Hot hot chicken SHIT!

So drawing is really something that I do want to master in. I am not sure that I have talent but I am sure it is something that I can learn. If I can sketch once a week, I think in the next couple of years – I should be able to come out with something decent.

It is not difficult to sketch, a lot of it are common sense and observation. And more importantly is to practice everyday. I am trying hard to do this but I tend to just forget when I get busy. Whether at work or at home.

I must bring my sketch book where ever I go so that I can draw whenever I have free time. In fact – because I don’t really go out for lunch, it is probably the best time for me to sketch.

I do want to master getting into digital painting, but fundamentally if I don’t get myself ready to sketch and line arts, digital painting will be useless. Its the fundamental of sketching… lighting.. shadows etc etc that is important now. Once I master the basic fundamentals then I can proceed to moving it to digital. Since I can’t really bring my Cintiq where I go, then using a sketchbook is probably the most practical for my drafts, and then scan it over to digital for me to finish it on my desktop!

Here is a short eye that I drew couple of days ago. Its not bad lar – to my standard.

The yes...
The eyes

Here are some of my older sketches.. resembling something similar…

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