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#Writing Challenge – Post 3/30

I actually do like cooking to be honest. I have not been cooking much – same as my writing. I have no idea whats going on my mind now but I seem to be very lazy to do things. I prefer just to sit down and watch TV or surf the internet. I need to change my lifestyle.

The photo above was for a New Year Party couple of years a go, in which I cooked Sous Vide Lamb Rack! It was pretty damn awesome and look like professional chef to be honest.


Look at the output of the lamb itself! It was sous vide for almost 2 hours if i am not mistaken, and then fried in butter (really?). Yes. It was for a new year celebration, I guess its ok to let your diet guard down. Well not that it has been up for the last couple of months. I have been eating all sort of nonsense because I don’t cook. Sad to say.

I should not do this seriously! I should properly manage my diet and eat more home cook food rather than eating bad food that you can find outside.

Memories in Accenture – St Charles

Fun Posts

After I graduated from University of Warwick in 1999 – I decided to come back to Malaysia despite being offered to do post graduate courses. Both in PHD and Masters by my sponsor. Perhaps because I managed to do quite well in degree. Despite all the offers, I decided to go back home anyway. I needed to take a break. It has been a tough year where I had to catch up with my “poor” grade in 2nd year. Too much party in my 2nd year perhaps that I had to really buck up in my 3rd year. Never studied so much in my life to be honest.

After graduating from Warwick – I had two offers. One was from Bank Negara (Central Bank) and the other was from Accenture. My family asked that I join Bank Negara, especially because it was a government entity and life would have been very stable there. I decided then to join Accenture. Perhaps because I wanted to join a multi national corporation. The funny bit – now that I think about it, I should have joined an investment banker in UK – perhaps I will be much richer now. I am quite sure I am able to do well then. But its ok.

In Accenture – within the first two weeks – I then join the office trip in Awana Kijal, then followed by a trip to Sydney for training. Not far from there – I then head over to St Charles – which is the global training center for Accenture. Now it is called Q-Center – after the Enron drama.

The following two photos were taken as class photos. I bet 90% of the people in this photos has left Accenture. Wonder if you can identify where I am! This are all good memories to be honest. It was really good fun. 3 or 4 weeks in St Charles. Pretty awesome. First time in the US – was a good experience 🙂