Blue Bottle Coffee@Tokyo

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I am definitely a coffee addict. Looking at the amount coffee that I consume – I do spend a lot of money on coffee. When I was in Japan – I did go to Starbucks almost every single morning because they do have very good brewed coffee – or Coffee Of The Day. Same goes when I got back to Malaysia – I continue to have brewed coffee whenever I have time to get a cup of Joe early in the morning. As I am an early bird – most definitely it is almost like a daily affair. One thing about brewed coffee, it gotta be fresh off the brew otherwise it will taste like shit.

Now back to blue bottle. I have never heard of them before, but on the last day, while chilling by the roadside waiting for the time when I need to go to take my train to Narita, I saw this coffee shop near Shinjuku. So many people were queueing up for it. So I could not help it but to google for the brand – Blue Bottle. I couldn’t help it but to see this article.


So – I quickly pack up and rush. Thank god – the queue was not so bad then (so I think). What I did not know what that the queue was just for the order, and then you had to wait while they make your coffee. It was a good 15 mins before I had my coffee. Anyway – the coffee was really good I must say. One of the best that I’ve tasted in Japan. I will definitely come here again. I also got a chocolate saffron cookie. Oh emmm geee. It was so good.

Here are some of the photos that I took while waiting for my coffee.

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Sometimes you ponder about your dreams

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We always dream, always try to achieve the best in you, always imagine what it could be if you can do this and that. But the fact of the matter, we still stay in reality. And the dreams would not be achieved if you don’t work for it.

I have friends who said that they are a dreamer, but question in my mind is that – if you are a dreamer, are you working hard enough to push yourself to achieve your dream. Well – this is also a self reflection that I keep reminding myself. It is easy to dream, it is easy to think about the best car in the world, but reality is reality. We need to work for what we want, and nobody is going to give you anything.

So what I am doing today that will make a difference for me to achieve my dream?

The first question should, what did I dream today that I want to achieve?

Who knows.

I used to like running..

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I do want to get back into it. There’s so much of peace when I run. Hit the music and just go. Yes I am maybe a bit too heavy but the last couple of months I have managed to lost more than 15kg and I do feel a lot lighter and a lot mobile. The more I run, the faster I will lose weight (provided that I keep to my diet).

This morning when I woke up I was deciding whether to go to the gym or to walk. I decided to go walk instead because i wanted to sweat out. The weekend has been quite bad for my diet and doing weights not going to help much in removing the toxins unless I whack big time. So walking was the best. As I got to the car, then the tummy started giving me tummy issues. So I had no choice and did a stop at the other park (not arboretum) as it has a working toilet. Given the time spent in the toilet, I had no choice but to run or walk at the park. So I run lor.

I ran very slow because of my weight and fitness level. Whilst maintaining about 135BPM, I also ensure that not much impact to my knee. I remember a video that i saw about running slowly with smaller steps is much better than whacking. Well – to my benefit it works. I ran most of the track but of course extremely slow. Probably about 20% faster than my walking speed. I can obviously run faster but after 200-300 meters, I probably run out of steam and will be complaining of aching bones.

I think tomorrow I will continue running, maybe try at least three sessions this week. It’s relaxing especially if it’s outdoor. Indoor is a tad boring. And if I don’t have any shows to watch, I would probably fall asleep.

I need to think about my strategy after I get my new car. It is plug in hybrid therefore I need to charge it. The gym in the curve have a charger so maybe I need to run at the gym while waiting for the arrangement for power socket in my parking bag my apartment get sorted out. Let’s see.

All in all, a great start to the week!

Looking for a new place

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I have been a resident of my current place for more than 14 years. Probably bordering 15 years. Honestly this place in Damansara Perdana is super awesome. There were times that I felt I needed to move out but after a while that feeling just dies off. Partly because I am so comfortable.
There are quite a number of reasons why I needed to move out:
The condo is falling apart. Seriously there are cracks that I don’t want to see.

  1. The lift is perpetually hanging on its lifeline. One out of three lifts are dead.
  2. The parking is way too low for my defender.
  3. A highway is coming up in front of my house. Gosh.

For item 3 – there have been a lot of news about DASH – which is the highway that will cut thru from Damansara Perdana all the way to Shah Alam. As much as I hate the fact that they are building a highway in front of my current house, but I recognise that this a fact of life in development will continue forever and ever.


I have narrowed down a few options but I am not sure yet. From areas perspective – probably in the region of Damansara Heights or Kenny Hills. Damn atas I must say. Didn’t quite like Mont Kiara because it’s too congested to my knowledge. I do have a lot of friends who stays there and I supposed they got used to it. Now it takes me about 30 mins to get to office from home in the morning and in the evening. If I do stay in Mont Kiara, it probably going to take me much longer (lol).
Buying a new property is not something that can be taken lightly. I have not bought any property to stay in a long time, and I guess this time I need to do properly. I don’t mind buying a second hand property because by doing that I know that the property mechanics is something that is manageable. Well – for apartment especially, a new apartment may be nice, but in actual fact staying in a less populated apartment may be a bit daunting. I still remember when I was staying in my apartment for the first time. Being one of the few tenants that actually moved in after receiving the key, it was very creepy!

Seriously. Then again, an old apartment will have its own fair share of issue. The things that I spoke about like dying lifts, cracked walls and who knows burst pipes. Lets see, I have so many things to consider.

Here are my view or criteria or my next place:
1. It needs to be closer to the city (where I work)
2. It needs to have a balcony at the living room
3. It needs to be bigger than where I am staying (lol)
4. It needs to have a bigger kitchen
5. It needs to be able to fit a big dining table

Seems like I just want something bigger. Well I think I just want something in which I can entertain people. I do enjoy cooking and all, but having a small place is very prohibitive in getting people to come over to my place to have a nice dinner. If I can fit a dining table for 10-12 will be awesome. Not to the extent of parties and such, but just a nice evening with family and friends to come over.

Of course my criteria will mean that it will be an expensive affair, but sometimes you need to spend money on your place because you spend more time in your place than in your office (this is true for my new job). I will still ponder. Anyway – I do have about 6 months to work thru the details and choose the place of my liking before I am able to buy. I am really looking forward to tap on my staff loan where the rates are pretty good. Much better than commercial rates out there. Lets see.

Till next week 🙂

Have not been writing for a while…

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It has been a while since I touched this blog. I know I have not completed the rest of the blog entries for my series Jobless in Japan, but I guess that will come slowly. I seriously need to finish it. Honestly – in most days I was too tired to process my photos and start writing. The plan was to write while I am on the train, but I guess after a while, the trip on the train was must shorter than I expected.

Anyway – my 28 days adventure already over and I am now back in Malaysia working. Will try my best to complete the rest of the 18 days of adventure. Well towards the last 4 days when I got to Tokyo, there was not much things to see as I have been in Tokyo multiple times. And I spent a lot more walking around and shopping, finishing my holiday budget 🙂

So I have left my previous life as a consultant for a multinational and now I have moved on to be a banker. Not really a full fledge banker but more as a support function to help them transform, focusing more on complex project management. It is quite a challenging job, especially the fact that I have not been in the industry before. I guess its something that I have to learn.

There are so much difference from being in consulting industry versus being in an end user environment. For once, I do have a lot more time to myself. Yes the working hours is more fixed and less flexible, but I find having fixed hours is a lot better than the need to stay up at work very late. In fact now that I have more time, perhaps I can spend more time writing on this blog. There are so many things in my mind that I want to write, but because I am so busy with work (before), I just can’t get myself to move and write something.

OK – time for me to start a new challenge. Starting from today, I will do a 30 days challenge to write something on my blog. Time to bring it to life again. I remember, at one time I did spend a lot of time writing because its something that I enjoy. Yes – I don’t have much followers, but sometimes it is great just to write something, and publish. You never know – somebody may just go to your site and read. My writing is definitely very lousy, especially after not writing for a while. But its ok, I guess its something that I need to push myself to do. In fact for the 30 days, perhaps what I should do is to share the things that I learn from banking! I do have a check list of terms that I wanted to learn. It will be useful for me to write, and pen my thoughts. It may be wrong, may be right – but who cares.