Blog Post Goals!

My blog is a personal space for me to share. I don’t have many readers or subscribers. Before Facebook, this was the platform me to share most of my work. In fact, since a lot of my work is posted in the forum, having my web presence allows me to showcase my work deeper. Most…

Powerpoint Clip Art

Just taking a cue from my writer’s block! I decided to do a video on PowerPoint! This is my first video (including my face too!). The video is unlisted on YouTube, so can only view it on this blog 🙂 I hope this video is useful!

Merry Christmas!

ScriboTomoe River PaperWaterman Inspired Blue Ink Its the time of the year again. Instead of forwarding messages I decided to customized my own greetings this year. It is a simple video taken using iPhone and edited using Adobe Premiere. Simple greeting thru the new skill that I acquired a few days ago.

Aurum Cinema

Today – I decided to go to watch a movie in the brand spanking new Aurum Cinema by GSC. I saw the advertisement for a couple of days ago and I decided to go and watch it. I thought they renovated the Gold Class but in fact, they completely transformed GSC Signature to Aurum Cinema….

Taman Tugu

Yesterday morning I woke up and felt that I needed some exercise. It’s not a golf weekend as I had to do something in the afternoon, therefore I either have to go for a run, hike or gym. Since I have not gone for a hike in a long time, when I opened my eyes…

End of A Decade

Two more weeks, and it will be the end of the decade. This year moved so fast, that I barely could breathe. The year ain’t over but I am already feeling breathless. In fact, if you look at the postings for this year, it is actually very much less compared to the previous years. I…

Sugar or Self Discipline

Sugar is the root of all evil.  In cooking – there are three flavours that generally that require a balance.  SweetSaltySour A combination of this flavour profile will make or break your dish. The choice of taste is subjective and dependent on the person’s preference. For me, I do not have any particular preference except…

Mental Health

I had this conversation yesterday about mental health. I just realised that October is a Mental Health month. Mental health is as equally important as physical health.  I have seen so many suicides due to depression in the news. We have seen from the lights of Anthony Bourdain to the latest one Sulli – a…

30 Days of Habit Building

As part of me trying to find more things to do rather than watching Netflix, I decided that I should restart doing two things daily to fill up my free time. Generally – after I finished work, I try not to touch anything related to work! I tend to do work even though the office…

Getting too comfortable

Many years ago, I embarked on an initiative to lose weight. I was very disciplined, but it seems that I have been falling off the bandwagon. Seriously, it has been tough for me to start everything again. I don’t know why. Every time I restart, I seem to be falling back. It is very demotivating….