Back at drawing


I am a man of many talents hobbies. Mostly what the malay would say

“hangat hangat tahi ayam”

Or in English its called – Hot hot chicken SHIT!

So drawing is really something that I do want to master in. I am not sure that I have talent but I am sure it is something that I can learn. If I can sketch once a week, I think in the next couple of years – I should be able to come out with something decent.

It is not difficult to sketch, a lot of it are common sense and observation. And more importantly is to practice everyday. I am trying hard to do this but I tend to just forget when I get busy. Whether at work or at home.

I must bring my sketch book where ever I go so that I can draw whenever I have free time. In fact – because I don’t really go out for lunch, it is probably the best time for me to sketch.

I do want to master getting into digital painting, but fundamentally if I don’t get myself ready to sketch and line arts, digital painting will be useless. Its the fundamental of sketching… lighting.. shadows etc etc that is important now. Once I master the basic fundamentals then I can proceed to moving it to digital. Since I can’t really bring my Cintiq where I go, then using a sketchbook is probably the most practical for my drafts, and then scan it over to digital for me to finish it on my desktop!

Here is a short eye that I drew couple of days ago. Its not bad lar – to my standard.

The yes...
The eyes

Here are some of my older sketches.. resembling something similar…

Deepavali Walkabout


It was one of the days when I decided to go out and do a street shooting walkabout in KL during Deepavali holiday. Yesterday – a friend of mine messaged to our Leica group and asked if anybody wanted to do a shoot. I responded yes. It has been ages since the last time I went out shooting but I guess its a good time.

The weather was pretty good, but as I am not as daring as before and also a lot more picky with my shots, there’s not many photos that I took this morning. I parked my car near YMCA and then had my kopi C kosong before we start our walkabout. We went to two temples around Brickfields, but it seems that the crowd was pretty stale. And the bigger temple does not allow photographers to shoot any photos inside the temple.

We then decided to walk to Petaling Street area. There were two temples around there, one behind the Petaling Street and the other nearer to Pudu Raya.

Following are the two shots that I have – considered worthy!


Photo taken along the street. Just to show how good is the dynamic range of my phone!


Picture of a family selling flowers for people giving offering to the temple!

360 image showing a man giving out angpows outside the temple.

A lady doing sketching just outside the temple!

The homeless waiting outside the temple in an organized way waiting for somebody to donate money to them!