It has been a while since I last rode a bicycle. In fact – it has been probably almost 7 years or so, as my last recollection of riding a bike was me doing some crazy biking during the transition from my job in Cuscapi to Accenture! I guess – from that point onwards I got lazier and couldn’t be bothered to ride! In fact – I transitioned into riding motorcycles, which reminds me that I need to ride my bike more. Sigh.

Yesterday – as I was very bored, very very bored indeed – I decided to head over to Pedalspot in SS2 to checkout on bikes. Nope – I wasn’t planning to get any but my eyes couldn’t take off this Brompton!


Oh wow. Its a limited edition Brompton! Looks super awesome. Ponder for about 15 mins and then boom, another impulsive purchase!

That night itself I went to Desa Park City to get myself acquainted with the bike. Was able to get about 11.5km over an hour. Clearly – I am not fit!

This morning, I also decided to bring the bike over to Putrajaya and cycle all around. I didn’t use Strava or anything – so just myself and Apple Watch. More than enough. Just need to make sure I don’t stress myself too much. My legs was jellied, a clear sign that I’ve not been cycling much. Its ok, I do plan to cycle more often with this new purchase 🙂


Hopefully – I can do at least 2 nights of cycling. Yes – I must. I must cycle more. With the Brompton, I can just leave it in the car and change in office and straight go and cycle somewhere. Probably not around the office though lol.

Chinese Temple


One of those days that I got off the swimming pool and told myself that I need to write more on my blog. I know its useless because I don’t have much audience but by writing on here, I do improve on my typing skills (lol) and also my comprehension skill.

The photo shown above is a photo of inside of a temple in Kuala Lumpur. The temple has been visited by many photographers (including me). I’ve been to this temple way too many times that I am bored and can’t think of what should I take photo. Perhaps I need to explore outside the state in order to take more nicer photos. My bike is really collecting dust!

Back at Learning


It has been a while since I read my banking book. Been busy to be honest. Handled a lot of stuffs, but I figure if I don’t read a book in the morning or at night on banking, I won’t be doing much reading. I need to get myself familiar with banking in order to do my work better.

So today – I am back at reading the Principles of Banking. I must say is a very good book to give a background, and 6 months passed, a lot of terms mentioned in the book is very very familiar. When I first started reading the book, a lot of the information felt gibberish but now most of it, I have heard!

So anyway – today is really simple. The book talks about the different types of products in a bank (obviously looks familiar!).

Well – looks familiar but not the same. Most of the products shown above I have encountered before in my work but of course on the surface level. I am not part of the business but classified more like a support function. I vow to do some infographics to show what I learn here, but of course it takes time.

I am trying to use InDesign, but I must say is freaking difficult. Using PowerPoint is so much easier to do. Perhaps because I’ve been using it for years!

Till then…