My blog is a personal space for me to share. I don’t have many readers or subscribers. Before Facebook, this was the platform me to share most of my work. In fact, since a lot of my work is posted in the forum, having my web presence allows me to showcase my work deeper. Most of my referral sites are from the forums.

Decade past, most of the work is posted on Facebook – and me being me, don’t post much on Facebook. Though I do think that I should.

Commitment is the foundation of great accomplishments

Heidi reeder

Having a full-time job, I am not able to spend much time on writing. To be honest, I am not a very good writer, but I do want to improve. And, the best way to improve is for me to practice. I subscribe to Grammarly to help to improve my writing. It checks the way that I write. So far, it has been very helpful.

Back to the original context, my goal for this year is to have at least 366 postings! It is not easy at all, but I am going to try my best! Whenever I have time, I will write one post and schedule it. As you can see below, I have posts scheduled all the way till March! Though there is the temptation to publish now (like today!), I try my best to avoid it.

Ok till then – hopefully I’ll make it to 366 posts!

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