In the past couple of weeks, I have been indulging myself with illustration over pen, markers and pencil. I am never an art centric person nor I am any good at drawings. But reading thru the internet – it seems that even though you don’t have any talents, it is something that you can learn and pickup along the way. The key is to continue to practice and sketch. Learn and improve.

The reason why I started this thing is to build some sorts of zen to myself. I know it is not easy, and the results are generally shit. But I guess, the more you draw – the more you get better at it. I initially wanted to do digital drawing, in fact I took on myself to take up digital drawing classes (online), but of course if you don’t have the right foundation, no matter what courses you take, its not going to work.

After many failed attempts in the past, I decided to just start a sketchbook and just draw. Draw whats in my mind and continue to push push push. I do realized that I did get a bit better over time. This postings will serve as a medium for me to continue to showcase my work. And hopefully it will get better over time. I am not going to build a career out of this, but this is just to create a sense of satisfaction so that I can enjoy do what I do.

Honestly I do have quite a bit of hobby – from electronics, to photography to now illustration. All about keeping my mind busy and not indulge in activities that are detrimental to myself. To be honest, drawing or rather illustrating is time consuming. It takes hell a lot of time to come out with a nice drawing, but once you see the final product – it does give quite a bit of self satisfaction. I know that my illustration are generally shit, but if I do practice, I believe I would be able to get something out of it.

The illustration shown is a girl in an opera mask. I was inspired by a wall painting in one of the restaurants in Hartamas. Clearly – can see that I am not very good and creating the proportion of a face. In fact whats harder is that the eyes are not balanced. To be honest – it is not easy at all trying to get symmetry. And in the case of a portrait symmetry is important. I believe – it’ll get better over time 🙂

The opera mask girl is done thru outlining using a pencil and pen, followed by coloring using markers.

To be honest – the drawing took quite a while. I think about 3 hours or so! Amazing that I have that much attention to this. I hope its not hot hot chicken shit (malay proverb for – Hangat Hangat Tahi Ayam).

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