It has been way too long

Today’s already end of June. It seems that I have not been posting on the blog since forever. In fact, I reckon that my last posting was in February this year. Fact the matter is that I am extremely busy with work, and could not find the time to do any posting.

In addition to that, I have not been going out to shoot any photos. My cameras have been stuck in my dry box for the longest time. I wonder if the camera can still be used. I sure hope so because I do not want to buy any more new cameras or lenses.

I should really think about writing more because writing is an avenue for me to express my creative side. This is in addition to taking photographs. In the past one year or so my two of three for taking photographs is just my iPhone and the types of photos that I should is generally snapshots of my daily life and selfies!

I do want to take more photos, but generally during the weekends I just feel so tired from the busy week that I have. in a typical day generally consist of a series of back to back meetings from 9.30am to 6.30pm. And I could only start to reply emails and do any form of work after office hours. It’s just tough, but given the scope of work that I have – this is my new way of life.

In fact, I have not gone for holiday for more than a year, and this is not good. Holidays are meant for me to reset, and given the packed days – I seriously need to go for one.

Rambling about my time management may portray that I am not happy, but hand to heart, I am actually enjoying every my work. My colleagues are a fun crowd, whether it’s my peers, my team and my bosses – both in country and at the headquarters.

I should write more, don’t know about what – especially since I no longer shoot much photos. My Leica group is now active, shooting once or twice a week! While I am generally stuck at home – resting. Funny enough. I hope I’ll get my itch back again. Shooting photo is fun, apart from the output, it’s the spending some time with some of my friends.

So – for today, I shall post a photo from my balcony, lol.

Balcony at sunset

I must set a goal to start shooting again. So I can make full use of my camera. It can’t be that the camera just sit at home and do nothing!

Till tomorrow (maybe)

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