Have you spoken to a homeless person before. Do you even understand why do they resort to this?

Back in the old days, in my naivety in finding “the” photo, I shoot a lot of homeless folks. To the extent that I once got chased before.

There was once I got a money shot, and in the conversation with the person. He did mentioned that he once lived an honest life, and his kids and wife left him. I would not know more of the context nor history but from his expression, I can tell that he regretted in and wished to be back with his family.

As you can see in this photo, the homeless person was sleeping in bright daylight underneath a pedestrian bridge. This location is somewhere at the side of Maybank, right opposite Cahaya Suria building. This place, which is a “hub” for buses is famous for homeless to sleep. This is true as the benches are well covered and provide a good shelter from sun and rain.

To respect the privacy of the person, I intentionally removed the face. In addition to that, this makes a better composition.

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