Morning Breakfast

Not far from the Noodle Factory – is the Kopitiam that the locals will have their breakfast. The time is not that early but I am surprised that there are not many people having breakfast here. I would have thought that there will be a lot more people here!

Public Housing

Some photos of the public housing in Chow Kit. This is in front of then South East Asia hotel, a place where my dad work. I still remember coming to this part of the world and go for some grocery shopping in Co-op super market. There is also this “shopping mall” called Keramat Supermarket. This…


Quick shoot to the trigger on the lady that’s walking towards me. I just went back to my car to drink rehydrate and there she saw me pointing the camera at her. I didn’t hear her shout and just click and moved away. Given the camera is silent, not drama there. Just a good snapshot…


As much as the Leica M Monochrom is a great camera with superb dynamic range. It won’t be able to defy the basics of digital photography. The top right hand corner of the photo is way over blown. I screwed up on the exposure. I should have been smart enough to average out the exposure…

Sundry Shop

… Another photo from Chow Kit Market. Its blurry but I guess technology helps!


Another shot from Chow Kit


Another take on Pharmacy. I took this photo before in my previous trip.


Another black and white photo from my recent shoot in Chow Kit market. This is a photo of a stall owner counting his inventory of the day. The time of shooting 7.21am. Still early but outside was still dark.

Street Shoot – Been A While

It has been quite a long time since I did any street shoot, so today I decided to go for a quick street shoot with my camera. After the morning meal (Sahur) – I straight away drove to Chow Kit market. Was expecting some actions from the chicken section but unfortunately that place has been…

It has been a long while since the last time I rode my bike. Partly due to my busy schedule, and partly due to my minor home renovation. Now that everything is done – I took my bike out and do two of my hobbies which is motorcycle riding and photography. I remembered this place…


Last weekend – I went to Penang for Teach for Malaysia. TFM itself – I will write a blog post about it. Its just an amazing weekend. Apart from TFM – I also did a bit of street shooting just to ensure I clock in 200,000 shutter count before I sell off or get another…