Giving Cards

While doing my walk in the morning, I saw this chap passing business cards to the foreign workers that were walking around. The location is near Jalan Silang, which was famous for the recent police raid. Consistent to the news report, the road is now full of foreigners again. Not sure what happened but this is their usual haunt.

To be honest, I remember those days when I was changed bus in this area to go home. I don’t remember this place to be filled with foreign workers. Walking along Jalan Silang, reminds me of walking on the street of Dhaka. The thing in my mind is whether are they legal or not. You do see a lot of shop being run by Bangladeshis.

Back to this photo, I am curious on what is the purpose of the business card. What not captured in this photo is that the two chaps in front, did a U-Turn after the friend (the one in black t-shirt) picked up the business card. Not sure if it’s something illegal but it is fascinating to see people doing U-turn. Must be something “exciting”.

The street of Kuala Lumpur I can see divided into different territories. Places like Jalan Silang are filled with Bangladeshi. And if I was to walk along Chow Kit – this is place would be filled with Indonesian. The need for foreign workers does create a lot of migrants. In the past, the rapid development of Malaysia attracted foreign migrants. After years of working in Malaysia – they then ended up settling down here. It is the “modern” migration of people within South East Asia.

Similarly, if you were to walk in Melbourne, you would think that it is an Asian town. There are many Malaysians(and Singaporeans) who ended up settling down in Melbourne. I have not been to Melbourne in more than 15 years. Back then, it was filled with Asian. Question is whether I would migrate? The answer is no. I do want to travel and explore around the world though.

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