Ginza Backstreet


When I was in Tokyo last year on my solo trip, I stayed in Tokyu Stay. Not far from the main Ginza street. This has been my favourite place to stay. It is smacked between Tsukiji Market and Ginza. Was easy for me to walk to Tsukiji for breakfast, and back in hotel in 5 mins (for those usual morning “runs” in the toilet).

The photo that I am showing below, I think taken from my hotel room. I think! Not particularly sure because I cannot remember and there weren’t any gps tagging as I was indoor! But anyway, I suspect, its not far from the hotel as I don’t remember being on any observation tower in Ginza. The best was on top of Matsuya Ginza (I think!).

Ginza Backstreets

Ginza Backstreets

The other good part of staying in Ginza is that, when you wake up in the morning and do my street shoot, there are always an abundance of subject to capture. I don’t need to travel far to start utilising my rangefinder.
Ginza Street

Ginza Street

I remember back in 2016, I stayed in Minato. Yes it was much cheaper, but the access to public transport was a bit far, and there weren’t much subjects to shoot around there. But then again, I might be wrong as I have not gotten back to rangefinder and hard core street shooting back then. In fact, that trip, I just used my iPhone if I am not mistaken!

Anyhow, I always enjoy my time in Japan. Looking forward for my next trip, but I am telling myself that I need to diversify the places that I go to! Let’s see…

Deepavali Walkabout


It was one of the days when I decided to go out and do a street shooting walkabout in KL during Deepavali holiday. Yesterday – a friend of mine messaged to our Leica group and asked if anybody wanted to do a shoot. I responded yes. It has been ages since the last time I went out shooting but I guess its a good time.

The weather was pretty good, but as I am not as daring as before and also a lot more picky with my shots, there’s not many photos that I took this morning. I parked my car near YMCA and then had my kopi C kosong before we start our walkabout. We went to two temples around Brickfields, but it seems that the crowd was pretty stale. And the bigger temple does not allow photographers to shoot any photos inside the temple.

We then decided to walk to Petaling Street area. There were two temples around there, one behind the Petaling Street and the other nearer to Pudu Raya.

Following are the two shots that I have – considered worthy!


Photo taken along the street. Just to show how good is the dynamic range of my phone!


Picture of a family selling flowers for people giving offering to the temple!

360 image showing a man giving out angpows outside the temple.

A lady doing sketching just outside the temple!

The homeless waiting outside the temple in an organized way waiting for somebody to donate money to them!

Malaysian Flatiron


On Sunday – I went out for a walk. After a heavy brunch and Sangeetha, needed to walk off all the calories. Thank god I brought out my camera 🙂 Its one of those rare Sunday afternoon that I took my camera out. Partly due to the fact that I wanted to shoot more photos. I have not been using my camera much, thus bringing it out will push me to use it more often, rather than keeping in on my table (not even in a drybox, since my drybox died!).
The following photo above is the Malaysian Flatiron, located not far from Petaling Street (Chinatown), few steps away from Pasar Karat. No idea what the significance of Pasar Karat though. Perhaps I need to do a bit more research.

The photo below is the original Flatiron. Shoot this photo back in 2008 – when I went to New York for a holiday. One of those days that I took 3 weeks off to spend hell a lot of money and ate hell a lot of food!

Obviously – not so the same, but almost the same 🙂 I guess given how small is the Malaysian Flatiron, the narrowest corner is definitely not usable 🙂





Revisit: Batu Arang


It has been quite a few weeks since I wrote anything on my blog. I have been occupied with work and drawing. And now I guess I need to tell myself to write more so I am motivated to take pictures and also draw more. Whenever I write anything on my blog, I do feel inspired to think about different things in life. And in this case, I do feel like going out there to shoot.

Its a weekend again, and I have decided that I am not going to ride out today as I wanted to spend sometime with family and friends as next weekend I am going for a weekend adventure to Penang with another group of friends.

The other thing, this weekend I managed to activate my Lightroom CC – which is a cloud enabled Lightroom that enable me to access my Lightroom catalog from anywhere and everywhere. Which effectively allow me to edit my photos whether on my laptop or my phone. It doesn’t really matter. Which is good. I need to shoot more and make a good use of my camera.

The photo attached in the featured is a photo that I took with my Leica M9 – back in the days when I was using a rangefinder. It shows an aunty preparing some wanton noodle or something. I didn’t eat that as I don’t eat pork. I only go there for coffee. My friends definitely had a good time eating the noodle there. The place shot is in Batu Arang. I have gone there so many times to shoot as well as to fly drone.

I guess that’s it from me today 🙂



This is one of those random photoshoot that I did with my Leica M6. It was one of those moments in which I sold all my digital gear because I wanted to focus on getting the right skills to shoot photo. I shot film exclusively during those moment.

This was a community kick boxing in Cheras – where I drove out one day and just travel around to find a place where I can shoot. I stumble into a small carnival and heck, brought my camera out and experience the match right from ring side. It was pretty awesome.