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It’s amusing to see the fact that the workers that we see all over the place are foreign workers. To me it’s not bad, but it does show either two things:

  1. We have progressed to a point that labor work can be outsourced to foreign worker
  2. We just just being lazy ass and let the foreign worker do the work. 

To be honest, I seriously think that it is the latter. I do see a lot of people complaint about not having jobs but when we see the work that’s out there, it does seem like the labor work is done by foreigners. 

The more serious case was the crane incident in Raja Chulan where a crane hook fell down on a kelisa, and killed instantly a 24-year old lady. Apparently the crane operator is a foreigner, and to my knowledge this would be impossible as only locals can be certified. Let’s see what happen next.

As I said earlier, I do not think the infusion of foreign labor into the workforce is a bad thing. But if it’s done with the wrong intent – this might be detrimental to the future of this country. 

Yes – we are built on a society of immigrants. Back then – the Malay, India, Arabs, Chinese etc came to this land in view of trade and exploration. And as we grew, different people worked on different things like plantation and mining. And now things would have been different – so would bringing immigrants be different. I don’t know. 

Anyway – I do have a few friends who are foreign workers. One thing I have to give it them, they are definitely hardworking and focus on having a better life for themselves and the family. I remember one Bangladeshi guy told me – “I invest my life in Malaysia for my children and their children”. Which is true, if they can lift their family out of poverty – their children will reap the benefit and seek a better life thru better education etc. 

Enough of ranting. Time to work!!!


It has been a long while since the last time I rode my bike. Partly due to my busy schedule, and partly due to my minor home renovation. Now that everything is done – I took my bike out and do two of my hobbies which is motorcycle riding and photography. I remembered this place – Kerling during one of those my adventure days with Alex. We exited Lembah Beringin and then head over to road number 1. We came out thru Kerling. I remembered this place for having bunch of old buildings. Map below shows where Kerling is, and the photos of the shoot is in the attached gallery. Quiet town indeed!

Sudah sekian lama semenjak saya menunggang motor saya. Ini adalah kerana jadual saya yang amat sibuk dan pengubahsuaian rumah saya. Sekarang semua sudah selesai – jadi saya mula meluahkan masa untuk dua hobi saya iaitu menunggang motorsikal dan fotografi. Saya teringat tempat ini – Kerling, daripada salah satu pengembaraan bersama Alex. Kami keluar mengikut Lembah Beringin dan terus menuju ke Jalan Nombor 1. Kami tiba di Kerling. Saya teringat kawasan ini kerana kawasan ini mempunya bangunan yang lama. Di bawah ada peta kawasan ini, dan juga galeri gambar gambar saya. Pekan yang sepi!


Map to Kerling/Peta ke Kerling




Last weekend – I went to Penang for Teach for Malaysia. TFM itself – I will write a blog post about it. Its just an amazing weekend. Apart from TFM – I also did a bit of street shooting just to ensure I clock in 200,000 shutter count before I sell off or get another Leica camera. This is the plan!

I did drop the camera – I sure hope I didn’t damaged the optics. There’s some bends on the base plate, but that’s manageable.

Minggu lepas – saya pergi ke Pulau Penang untuk “Teach For Malaysia”. Saya akan menulis blog untuk TFM nanti. Ia merupakan satu hujung minggu yang amat menarik. Selain dari TFM – saya telah melaksanakan sessi fotografi jalanan – ini untuk mendapat 200,000 gambar dari Leica Q sebelum saya membeli kamera baru.

Saya telah menjatuhkan kamera – saya mengharapkan tidak ada kerosakan optik. Ada kemek di bahagian dasar kamera tetapi itu tidak teruk.

Street Shoot 27 August 2016


Today – yet again I took my Leica camera out. I dropped it the other day in Penang, and hoping that there are no impact to the optics. I think there is but I am not particularly sure. I need to test it a bit more. Sigh. This is going to cost me hell a lot of money if I were to repair this camera. I am not really sure – is it because the shutter speed is too low that I don’t get sharp images. But of course at 1/30 – I am definitely not going to get sharp photos. I guess tomorrow I need to change my shutter speed to 1/125 and 1/250 and see how that turns up. Anyway – here are the shots from today.

Hari ini – saya sekali lagi membawa kamera saya keluar. Saya telah menjatuhkan kamera di Penang beberapa hari lalu, dan mengharap tiada impak kepada optik kamera. Saya tidak pasti. Saya hendaklah terus membuat kajian lanjut. Sign. Ini akan mengenakan saya dengan kos yang tinggi jika saya hendak membaiki kamera ini. Saya tidak pasti jika gambar goyang adalah kerana “shutter speed” terlalu lambat yang membuatkan saya tidak mendapat imej yang tajam. Tetapi pada 1/30 – saya memang tidak akan mendapat imej yang tajam. Saya rasa – esok yang akan tukar “shutter speed” kepada 1/125 dan 1/250 dan melihat imej. Sila lihatlah gambar-gambar dari hari ini.


Note: I am trying to improve my Malay – as such I will be trying to provide the blog post in two languages, as much as I can. As it is now, I am not even have time to post pictures!

As usual…

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After acquiring a new gadget, am surely will go out and start shooting. This camera is seriously a beauty. I still trying to learn how to use this camera. The multipoint focusing is good, but most of the times it kills what the images that I want to shoot. Reason being is that instead of focusing on the person, I ended up focusing on another high contrasty subject. This is not good, but after going thru youtube after the shoot, I figured out how to overcome this issue.

This morning shoot was at Pudu Market. It’s probably one of the only city market in KL, that majority of the KL-folks will go. I know there are other market like the Selayang or TTDI market, but this definitely tops it all because of its city vicinity. The folks there are definitely friendly. But one thing that I noticed is that most of the workers are either Bangladeshi or Indonesian. Except for the non-halal sections which is majority chinese (and maybe Myanmar). Interesting indeed.

I need to tell myself that I need to go out and shoot every single weekend. I can tell that my streetshooting skill is super rusty. Looking at my photos, I hardly go out to shoot. This is just painfully annoying. But I guess this is what you get when you abandon your hobby. Well – I did sold my Leica M9, so now I guess i need to work hard!