Searching For Purpose

It has been a long time since I last posted anything to this blog. I guess blogging is dead. Is it right?

Well – this is a space that I created decades ago to share my thoughts, my work, my life (to an extent where I think I want to share). I will continue to use this site to extract what ever creative juice that I have to the world. Not like there’s anybody that read this blog.

Anyway – it is quite fascinating. In fact – over the last one year, I don’t think I posted much when it comes to my blog post, oh why? Well – I am just too bogged down with work and other distractions. Or should I say I am well distracted with a lot of things. Me being me, always hot hot chicken shit. Like this particular posting, probably be the only one that I will write in the next few months. The next one could probably be in another quarter or so.

So – back to the question, is blogging dead?

Is it?

Well – lets see. Maybe I need to put up a challenge sometime next year to blog for 365 days straight. Certainly – a lot easier that to do a video log which requires tonnes of effort.

So lets see – I need to think on whether I should commit. Should I or should I not, yes? No? Maybe? Wouldn’t it be better if I were to post it on LinkedIn instead and get more likes there?

I guess the question in my mind is – what is my goal and purpose of putting this blog up. It started as sharing space for my photography works which has since dropped to almost zero. Sigh, too many hobbies and too little time. I need to revamp! I need get back to it.

Anyway – enough ranting, time to sleep. Perhaps I’ll get some inspiration….

What’s that?

The photo above is my usual walking route. My workout routine now usually consists of both walking and going to the gym. Depending on what time I wake up in the morning, I will vary my workout. If I do have time (and my gear ready for gym), I will certainly try to go to the gym as it gives me the right amount of push to burn the damn calories. But lately, I’ve been less disciplined. Seriously. Need to get me back up to the mental tenacity that I have experienced before MCO. The shoulder injury, followed by the minor side effect from vaccination (which I think is purely mental) just driving me down the rabbit hole and not being able to get out. (Perhaps – I should use this blog as my recovery journey?)

Anyway – it is already 11pm at night, I should be going to sleep rather than wasting time on my iPad (maybe cause excited as I just bought the new iPad). Seriously?

I shall think of a topic to write tomorrow. Maybe I should do this 365 days of writing. Who knows, my “England” may turn up better after 365 days!

Till tomorrow…..

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