Missing My Travels (2/365)

Shinkansen 2018

This is my second posting out of my 365 days challenge.

The photo shared above is from my crazy trip to Japan in 2018 where I flew to Tokyo and did a train trip all the way to Kagoshima, which is nearer to Busan than to Tokyo.

It was an amazing trip indeed and being stocked here in Malaysia for the past couple of years due to pandemic is a really painful, especially to my mental health. I did go for a few local trips but nothing beats going to another country.

I do hope that I am able to travel overseas again. The pandemic will transition to endemic. We will need to start transitioning to a state of normalcy otherwise the impact can be quite detrimental.

There was a time of which I will plan for a quarterly holiday to somewhere. Few day break here and there is definitely be very good. Last two years may be painful but – it’s time to look forward.

Again – time to go back to the drawing board, look for my goals and purpose and chart my next level of adventure. Be it for self development or pure entertainment….

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