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7 Things You Do When You Fell off the Bandwagon

I read somewhere on the Internet on some of the things that I can do when I fall of the bandwagon. These are the seven things that seems to resonate well with what I can do. It all makes sense, a lot of sense. Read through the seven things below:

First thing: understand that it’s okay if you’re not hundred percent on plan, hundred percent of the time.

Second thing: let go of the guilt. There is nothing to feel guilty about.

Third thing: keep going, do not let it stop you.

Fourth thing: look back and ask yourself what may have caused you to fall off track.

Fifth thing: remind yourself what you are doing what you are doing. And if you do not know what is the why, figure it out.

Sixth thing: take each day as a new beginning and show yourself of love and compassion.

Seventh thing: treat your adult self like you are taking care of your child self.

Most of the seven things up there are common sense. I think I just need to do it. You don’t need to think too hard, and just take action. The problem with me as per the previous post is that I do a lot of talking and writing, but not so much of action.

I made to really push myself to take action versus just saying it. It is not just about the 365 days project, but also in my working life. It is tough, but it is something that I need to do otherwise it may be very detrimental to my life.

I’m always stressed about me not doing what I need to do. Procrastination seems to be one of my biggest hurdle. I like to procrastinate a lot of things. Always leave things to the last minute. I know I am quite organised, but having to do list does not mean jack shit. this is all about the actions versus having a list.

So, I need to take actions. I need to think very serious actions. I will look back again on my list, and make sure that I take all the actions for all the items that are listed down for today.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

I Will Be the Best Every Day All Day Starting from Today.


What do we do next?

Have you figured out what do you do when one day you decide to stop working?

Have you thought about how is life after all the daily hustling at work?

Have you imagine the day when you can wake up in the morning without worrying about anything?

Well – it is in my dreams of course for me to able to answer the question above. But the in reality I can do it. Its just that I am always occupied by the current state of things and not preparing myself enough for the eventuality in which I will be free from the worry of life (minus health of course). So what do I do?

I think it is time that I take seriously the path that I am going to take in the next couple of years. At this point, I cannot afford to live that life, but I am sure in the next couple of years I can if I plan my way properly. There are few things that I need to consider:

  1. Financial stability. Money is not everything, but money is a basic requirement for me to do something. I could stay in the jungle – living life like a caveman, but that is not real.
  2. Health. Very important. This is the time, in fact it should have been 10 years ago that I become serious about my health. Healthy body will lead to longer and more enriching life.
  3. Friends. I need friends to survive. Not being married, I do need friends that will be there for me in the time of need. That will be something that I need to cherish.

I guess the rest of it is really up to my imagination. For me – at this point of time, what I want to do is to travel the world. I have not seen the world enough to be able to tell people that I have done this or that. I want to be at the edge of the world, living with the most remote tribe and swimming with the fishes that don’t even exist in this part of the world. I want to go fishing with the best braid fishing line, Go scuba diving, kayaking and Is that all? No. There are a lot more things that I want to do and achieve before I complete this journey.

When do I start?

It starts now. I need to start thinking about my retirement now, in fact not thinking anymore but actually working on my retirement now. I can’t live as if I am a 20 year old, buying things that I don’t need, eating stuffs that will harm me. I need to be focus because I need to be able at some point of time – perhaps in 5 years time to be able to just drop everything and retire. That is the goal. The goal is simple, I don’t need to be rich and be driving a 1M sports car, nor owning a sailboat to sail over the weekend. Life is much more that a materialistic objective. Materiality are just items that we use to fill the void that we create from this highly distracted world. I want to do things that have value. I want to buy things that I know will bring value to me at all times.

This is very close the concept of Minimalist, but I do not want to go to the extreme – but a balance that is enough for me to be able to live life comfortably and yet don’t waste of things that I don’t need. The migration to this lifestyle is happening now. It is starting now. Perhaps I should document those stuffs and move on. I will call it – #thesimplelifeproject. What constitute this? I don’t know. Is is minimalist lifestyle? Maybe-ish. So we shall see.

What would be my first step? I think is to document all the things that I have in my life and start selling them as I classify them into three categories:

  1. Really Need Them
  2. Maybe I Need Them
  3. Don’t Need

The 3rd category is where I should either dispose or sell them. I should do it as soon as I can. On the Maybe I Need Them will undergo an evaluation process in which I will decide whether the item carry value to me or not. If its not, and I am able to live without them for more than 10 days – then I guess I can then downgrade it to the 3rd category which is Don’t Need. This process going to be very tedious as I have way too many things that I need. I am quite sure that if I go thru one by one, I will realised that I have spent so much of my hard earned money on things that I don’t need. The void in my life needs to be filled with happiness that I can get from interacting with friends, writing on this blog or even working. Living a simple life is something that I should go for. It is going to be fun yet challenging. Let’s do this shit!


Day 19 of 364 Cheat and Rest

Its day 19 and its a rest day

Everybody is entitled to have a rest day. Pushing the body for a long period of time is going to have a detrimental effect. Its not good as the body will need to time to recover.  In fact in some article that I read – for people who are above 40, it is recommended that you workout two days and then take one day break. I think that is pretty good, but my problem is that for non-workout day, I tend to feel extremely sluggish!

Yesterday was cheat meal day and also a rest day. Something that I should not have done because I should have at least balance out the day with a long cardio. Well – I did plan to do so but the problem was the weather was so shit that I could not get myself out to Arboretum to do a long hilly walk! It would have been good honestly. But I guess let bygone be bygone as I can’t turn the clock around. I can only see what I can do differently when such things happen. David Lipman, DC will help you to lose fat on your face/ neck, stomach, thighs, arms or back.

Cheat meal was pretty awesome. Helped myself to some great food. Onion Rava Thosai, Idly, Paneer tikka and dessert ice cream sandwich. I could feel the sugar kind going around my brains.

At night I kind of whacked. Not from the low carb food but more from the amount of food I consumed. I seriously should have controlled the volume of food that I ate. I did not ended up to be extremely full but it is easily double of  my typical volume of food. Sigh. But we can only learn. I need to remember portion control. Portion control is also extremely important. Just to recap on portion control.

Size it Right

I must really have this ingrained in my mind. In most times, I don’t think before I eat. Need to continue to push push push. The weekly result may be quite shit as it has not been a great weekend 🙁 But we shall see tomorrow.

In fact – after thinking about it, I may need to rethink my target weight loss per week. Something healthy and sustainable would be about 1 kg a week. That would be great. Anything more is actually quite dangerous.. Let me rethink about it. To end the journal today, let’s watch a very interest TEDX talk on what happen to fat when we lose it… Mathematics of Weight Loss

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8WC… it was a GROUP effort…

In the last 8 weeks, whole bunch of Bootcamp recruits participated in a challenge called 8 Weeks Challenge or better known as 8WC. The challenge is combination of both workout and diet – a formula that is fool proof! No one can exist without the other to achieve fast results!


From the photos in the banner – past results are just amazing. From big belly to 6 packs in just 8 weeks! Amazing! But it’s not all that easy. As simple as it may sound, the effort required to complete the 8 weeks is just phenomenal. Mental power is so important to ensure you don’t fall off the wagon. Even if you fall, Gunny will be there to help you stand up and ride through the challenge!

The power of 8WC in COBC Malaysia is actually the group! The challenge is so much more easier with the support that WE get from the other recruits! For example, at different times of the session – we have pot lucks, we share recipes, we motivate each other (and make fun of each other too)!


I must say – some of the recipes are just amazing!! For example – the oat bran cookies made by Wennice…


Despite having a good result from 8WC – all the grads will move into simmer phase. Myself will continue with the 8WC diet to reach my ideal weight before moving into simmer phase. Simmer phase is a phase where we start moving back into the normal “healthy” diet..

And of course – as I’ve been repeating myself many many many times – losing weight is easy, maintaining it is difficult! But with the support of COBC recruits – am sure the 8WC grads will survive!