Day 4 Planning


I am out of the office today. Out of my comfort zone so need to plan my day properly. In fact – tomorrow will be the same but I am able to go back to office after lunch. So the key is to plan.

As for today – as usual won’t be having any breakfast this morning, just some black coffee.

Lunch – going to find something light, perhaps a sandwich. Not going to have anything heavy despite me being here in Pudu. Melting pot of food.

Dinner – going to have my left over tenderloin. A bit a lot of cholesterol laden food but spent so much on it so better finish it. Also will eat with some spinach.

No snacking is allowed!

Did ELEV8 this morning in firestation so that is great. So now gotta control the food. Weight did shoot up due to nasi Padang yesterday but need to recover. Ok to fall down, just need to stand up and go!

Starting failure….. Day 1 of 364

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Well – yesterday was a failure. To be honest such a waste. I really wanted to start yesterday but I guess the same issue that I have been facing is still haunting me. Tough life to be honest. Here is my take…

  1. I always do something without thinking about the implications… (root of all evil!)
  2. And then I will quickly do it (as the guilt set in…) – which explains why I always eat very fast…
  3. And then the might-as-well attitude sets in (so wallop more) – the binge starts
  4. And then as the day just koyak – I will continue to just go down the rabbit hole

This seems to be a correct representation of what happened yesterday. Here how it went..

I went to do some fixes (and add some mods) to my Defender yesterday. While waiting – obviously in the morning I felt a bit hungry because I had some durian the night before. Usually when I have sugar – I always feel very hungry! That’s common. That is the sugar effect – hence why sugar is a no go! So while waiting, don’t know what to do – and hungry some more, I decided to walk over across the big main road for some roti! I didn’t even have one, but two rotis! Crazy. Coupled with nescafe tarik. And honestly – I ate so fast that the guy next to me who is eating a pack of nasi lemak when I arrived still didn’t finished his food when I finished my food! What I should have done is that I should have think about what I want to do, think and plan my angle of attack. I should have gone and eat boiled eggs with kopi-O instead of walloping on roti!

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Once this set in, lunch was all about binges! Had nice set of burger with mozzarella sticks and onion rings. And then continued with dinner which was boat noodle and some cakes from starbucks for dessert. Not forgetting the thai iced tea! Oh dear.

So – I need to buck up. It has to start today again. Remember, its OK to fall off the bandwagon. Just to stand up and move! Hopefully today is better.

364 Days to Start Tomorrow


I guess – its time to reset – reboot – restart. It has been a long time since I did this, and I guess its time. Have been falling off the bandwagon off and on and its really not helping. The news of friends of friends dying does give me the irk. Heart attacks.. strokes.. damn man. Too young for these stuffs!

The principles will still need to stick. Item 5 will be through this blog. I have made private most of my previous posting which lasted for quite a while which lasted for 85 days. That is almost 3 months, and I did managed to lose quite a bit of weight. And the off and on dieting and exercising managed to get me to a decent level. But I need to continue to push hard if I am going to meet my target. Not going to be easy to be honest. 85th day was July 1st, approximately about 1 year ago! Not bad actually.

Anyway – strategy will remain generally the same. Question that I have is whether I am going on low carb or just portion control. The problem of low carb is that it has too much fat which I am worried will impact my heart health. I rather have a balanced diet with portion control. Carbs can remain lower – but of course more importantly is to eliminate sugar completely!

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Hmm… perhaps I need to move to more healthier options like brown rice, quinoa, etc etc. And eat in a much smaller quantity to manage the sugar spikes! Other than that, I should continue to exercise more because exercise helps with the whole weight reduction. Will do a good mix of cardio and weights, in addition to regular HIIT! I also have a Friday pilates session 🙂 Gotta make the core stronger yo!

Ok – enough for today. Day 1 to start tomorrow… so what’s the plan with the food and exercise:


  • No breakfast!
  • Quick cardio workout (1 hour) – either run or gym


  • Something light, carbless or clean food (like quinoa or brown rice)
  • Fish!
  • Fruits


  • Salad!
  • Fruits

I need to not have carbs in the evening, and have at least 1 salad a day! Fruits is also an important component. After that.. water.. water.. water….

Let’s do this 🙂





Day 19 of 364 Cheat and Rest


Its day 19 and its a rest day

Everybody is entitled to have a rest day. Pushing the body for a long period of time is going to have a detrimental effect. Its not good as the body will need to time to recover.  In fact in some article that I read – for people who are above 40, it is recommended that you workout two days and then take one day break. I think that is pretty good, but my problem is that for non-workout day, I tend to feel extremely sluggish!

Yesterday was cheat meal day and also a rest day. Something that I should not have done because I should have at least balance out the day with a long cardio. Well – I did plan to do so but the problem was the weather was so shit that I could not get myself out to Arboretum to do a long hilly walk! It would have been good honestly. But I guess let bygone be bygone as I can’t turn the clock around. I can only see what I can do differently when such things happen. David Lipman, DC will help you to lose fat on your face/ neck, stomach, thighs, arms or back.

Cheat meal was pretty awesome. Helped myself to some great food. Onion Rava Thosai, Idly, Paneer tikka and dessert ice cream sandwich. I could feel the sugar kind going around my brains.

At night I kind of whacked. Not from the low carb food but more from the amount of food I consumed. I seriously should have controlled the volume of food that I ate. I did not ended up to be extremely full but it is easily double of  my typical volume of food. Sigh. But we can only learn. I need to remember portion control. Portion control is also extremely important. Just to recap on portion control.

Size it Right

I must really have this ingrained in my mind. In most times, I don’t think before I eat. Need to continue to push push push. The weekly result may be quite shit as it has not been a great weekend 🙁 But we shall see tomorrow.

In fact – after thinking about it, I may need to rethink my target weight loss per week. Something healthy and sustainable would be about 1 kg a week. That would be great. Anything more is actually quite dangerous.. Let me rethink about it. To end the journal today, let’s watch a very interest TEDX talk on what happen to fat when we lose it… Mathematics of Weight Loss

Day 18/364 Fell of the bandwagon…


There are days when we fell off the bandwagon. Yesterday is one of it. I don’t think it was really bad. Its just one of those days. The food I ate wasn’t clean and this is not good. Setbacks are given.. Today is also my cheat day (which I have a meal that I can eat). As such from a weight loss perspective – I did gain weight over the last 24 hours, which I think is due to water retention (salt yo). But as expected this is what I will experience as I go thru this journey.

I had:

  • Protein for breakfast
  • Lunch – chicken salad and hot and spicy soup
  • Coconut water for tea!
  • 3 thai fish cakes, bbq squid and chicken chop (argh)

The workout in the morning was good. I did a full body weight workout couple with a hard 30 mins cardio. I don’t feel any DOMS now – which means that I can push my body a bit harder. My body does feel very tired perhaps due to me working out for about 8 days in a row without proper rest. I did get very good sleep throughout the week, which is an important aspect of my routine.

Post Setback

Will I do anything different today, probably not. I probably will just do a swim afterwards, to enjoy the morning sun, followed by clean up of the house! Before heading for my cheat meal. I am thinking of thosai for lunch! Followed by some light dessert. What ever that is. We need to really give in to my tastebud. So that I don’t binge! Binge! Binge! Its all about balance. Cheat meal is a method that I employ to allow balance lifestyle. I may be strict in my daily meals (except yesterday 🙁 ) but it does not mean that I cannot enjoy food. I really enjoy my food (as we can see), but there must be a balance that I need to strike to ensure that I don’t go overboard. With age, metabolism is going to slow down – if its not slow enough. Proper management of balance is extremely important.

Fighting Depression

I know I want to be really aggressive, but sometimes we need to pace ourselves. I am already ahead of my the curve – and for me to be depressed for a day’s mistake is not good. Depression is something that needs to be managed. There will be a lot of setbacks as I get thru this journey, and managing setbacks is part and parcel of the journey. The last thing that I want to end up with is depression. (to start with its not really that bad la).

Focus is extremely important. If there is a straight road to greatness, then everybody will be healthy. The journey is never easy and never will. The key is self discipline and focus. Falling down is how we grow…