Day 4 Planning


I am out of the office today. Out of my comfort zone so need to plan my day properly. In fact – tomorrow will be the same but I am able to go back to office after lunch. So the key is to plan.

As for today – as usual won’t be having any breakfast this morning, just some black coffee.

Lunch – going to find something light, perhaps a sandwich. Not going to have anything heavy despite me being here in Pudu. Melting pot of food.

Dinner – going to have my left over tenderloin. A bit a lot of cholesterol laden food but spent so much on it so better finish it. Also will eat with some spinach.

No snacking is allowed!

Did ELEV8 this morning in firestation so that is great. So now gotta control the food. Weight did shoot up due to nasi Padang yesterday but need to recover. Ok to fall down, just need to stand up and go!

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