It has been a while since I last rode a bicycle. In fact – it has been probably almost 7 years or so, as my last recollection of riding a bike was me doing some crazy biking during the transition from my job in Cuscapi to Accenture! I guess – from that point onwards I got lazier and couldn’t be bothered to ride! In fact – I transitioned into riding motorcycles, which reminds me that I need to ride my bike more. Sigh.

Yesterday – as I was very bored, very very bored indeed – I decided to head over to Pedalspot in SS2 to checkout on bikes. Nope – I wasn’t planning to get any but my eyes couldn’t take off this Brompton!


Oh wow. Its a limited edition Brompton! Looks super awesome. Ponder for about 15 mins and then boom, another impulsive purchase!

That night itself I went to Desa Park City to get myself acquainted with the bike. Was able to get about 11.5km over an hour. Clearly – I am not fit!

This morning, I also decided to bring the bike over to Putrajaya and cycle all around. I didn’t use Strava or anything – so just myself and Apple Watch. More than enough. Just need to make sure I don’t stress myself too much. My legs was jellied, a clear sign that I’ve not been cycling much. Its ok, I do plan to cycle more often with this new purchase 🙂


Hopefully – I can do at least 2 nights of cycling. Yes – I must. I must cycle more. With the Brompton, I can just leave it in the car and change in office and straight go and cycle somewhere. Probably not around the office though lol.

I used to like running..

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I do want to get back into it. There’s so much of peace when I run. Hit the music and just go. Yes I am maybe a bit too heavy but the last couple of months I have managed to lost more than 15kg and I do feel a lot lighter and a lot mobile. The more I run, the faster I will lose weight (provided that I keep to my diet).

This morning when I woke up I was deciding whether to go to the gym or to walk. I decided to go walk instead because i wanted to sweat out. The weekend has been quite bad for my diet and doing weights not going to help much in removing the toxins unless I whack big time. So walking was the best. As I got to the car, then the tummy started giving me tummy issues. So I had no choice and did a stop at the other park (not arboretum) as it has a working toilet. Given the time spent in the toilet, I had no choice but to run or walk at the park. So I run lor.

I ran very slow because of my weight and fitness level. Whilst maintaining about 135BPM, I also ensure that not much impact to my knee. I remember a video that i saw about running slowly with smaller steps is much better than whacking. Well – to my benefit it works. I ran most of the track but of course extremely slow. Probably about 20% faster than my walking speed. I can obviously run faster but after 200-300 meters, I probably run out of steam and will be complaining of aching bones.

I think tomorrow I will continue running, maybe try at least three sessions this week. It’s relaxing especially if it’s outdoor. Indoor is a tad boring. And if I don’t have any shows to watch, I would probably fall asleep.

I need to think about my strategy after I get my new car. It is plug in hybrid therefore I need to charge it. The gym in the curve have a charger so maybe I need to run at the gym while waiting for the arrangement for power socket in my parking bag my apartment get sorted out. Let’s see.

All in all, a great start to the week!

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VO2 Max


My VO2 max is extremely poor. After many years of neglecting this – it is extremely clear that my VO2 max is shit. VO2 max is…

VO2 max, or maximal oxygen uptake, is one factor that can determine an athlete’s capacity to perform sustained exercise and is linked to aerobic endurance. VO2 max refers to the maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can utilize during intense or maximal exercise. It is measured as “milliliters of oxygen used in one minute per kilogram of body weight.”

Today I did my first run after many months (years). Spate of injuries forced me to  not be able to run, yet even today’s run was not the most comfortable. Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.21.50 AM


After the first run, here is my VO2 max, almost fell off the chart! I need to start working hard and hopefully 1 year I would be able to push my VO2 max above 45. Now its just shiiiit.


Motorcycle vs Cyclist

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When I was cycling actively, I always wonder how dangerous it is to cycle on the roads. The cycling apparels are not enough to protection person from accident and then seeking help for an injury case. Imagine – the lycra and the shorts not gonna sustain any fall at all. In comparison to motorcyclist who typically adhere to ATGAAT (All The Gear At All Times) – we are more protected. In fact you look at the helmet, a lot of difference. The DOT certified helmets are way more stronger that the cycling helmet.

The following video shows me overtaking a cyclist on the Ulu Yam road. Its quite amazing to see cyclist who are pretty damn fast on open roads.

In fact – in some instances, they do get quite annoying. Many moons ago I blog about the incident where I fell on open road. Pretty damn dangerous. Sigh. My roads was blocked by cyclist who decided to take up the whole section of the road. And it being a double line on blind corner, it’s way too dangerous for me to over take. Since then, I was a bit smarter which is to honk whenever I can see cyclist blocking my lane on a blind corner. Obviously it does help to go slow.

Looking at this video, I do feel like I miss cycling, but I am still not certain whether I am able to comprehend the safety aspects of it. I remember cycling almost 25km daily – non-stop, but after taking up motorcycling, haih – too dangerous. Way too dangerous (cycling I mean).



Indoor rowing is something that I do every now and then. I am trying very hard to increase my rowing mileage, but I just don’t have time. 

Thank god that recently I restarted on my Bootcamp routine. At least now I would be able to ensure I have a fairly decent exercise every week.

If I have time, I would like to at last row 30km a week. In combination with Bootcamp – that will help me in losing weight. In the past couple of years, after a string of injuries – I have grown so big beyond comprehension. It’s not as big as what I used to be, but still. All the wasted effort. 


Hopefully, with my new training regime coupled with consistent healthy food, I would be able to lose weigh.