Bootcamp.. No Limits ?

Bootcamp is one of those group physical exercise that pushes your body to the limit, and again the limit is all in your mind. You workout at your own pace – at your own speed, and it’s all relative to what you want to do and what you want to achieve.


Your body can do more that what your mind can allows it to be. By design, we are strong, we are powerful – and we are generally limited to what we think. The more you push yourself, the more you will be able to understand your body – to what limits it can sustain.


They key to be able to push (and reduce the amount of stalling) is to be able to try and push yourself. With bootcamp, you not just get a push from your inner self, but there are people around your – the instructors and the other recruits that will held you hand and push you together to reach the new you! **sounds so corny isn’t it?**


Due to 8 weeks challenge, I am pushing myself to workout 6 days a week – every morning at 5.45am. Doing crazy things – pushing myself to a limit that I probably cannot imagine myself can achieve. Being in injured for the past 2-3 months or so really does not help, but it is what it is, and I really need to pickup my pace again if I want to get back the great fitness level which I have worked hard for last year.

Again – though my injury is somewhat OK – the right calf is generally still quite weak in comparison to my left weak. With the added pounds gained in the last few months (due to a long period of inactivity and “high intensity” food) it really does not help – thus classifying me into the “OKU” or disabled recruit. Where I am unable to do certain type of exercises such as jump squats, switch lunges, hops and many more. But seriously, it should not and will not stop me from pushing myself harder and faster because the limit is all in the mind. And if i put all my mind to it, I would be able to achieve what I want to achieve!

Just to end this post before i start work.. share with you Rami – the 8 weeks challenge winner from last year!


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