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Bernama – Doctored photo?


I came across this article on The Malaysian Insider – titled Bernama admits “PM Photo Doctored”. It’s such an embarrassment given that Bernama is a national news agency, and such “propaganda-like” in nature photos questions the authenticity of the images that has been published before by them!

The question now – do we open an investigations of all the images that has been posted by them? Or should we just take at face value? This question will remain unanswered. I guess with digital technology, the whole photo manipulation issue has been occurring again and again. This is not just a problem in Malaysia – but also everywhere around the globe. The advancement in photo manipulation tools has make it easier to anybody (even myself) to doctor a photo to my liking. In fact, sometimes it does look believable, and require a trained eye to be able to notice the difference. The photo above is kinda obvious given that its just a stamped cloned copy! Should have been smarter!!

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