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Moving to Amazon (at least trying)

I am considering to move my blog over to amazon as the connectivity to my blog from where I am is pretty slow. In fact it’s more of an itchy feeling of trying the cloud. I personally use a lot of cloud services like dropbox, evernote and icloud but the fact of the matter – it won’t really feel like i am truly cloud-fied unless i have feel and touch the raw form of it – IaaS.

In fact – with the Amazon Free Web Tier it’s no reason to not try it out! Really. For the first 1 year you get pretty much everything free, provided that you don’t exceed the limit. Given that I don’t really have much reader (maybe not even one), I think I probably not gonna pay a single cent for it!

Here’s the limits as per the AWS Portal:


Not bad right?

The thing is, I would need to at least do the following:

  • Set up wordpress over in Amazon EC2
  • Migrate my data from Dreamhost (current hosting) to EC2
  • Redirect my domain over to Amazon EC2 instance.

I thought of doing at least the first step few hours ago, but until now I am still awaiting for my activation!


Not really sure what’s taking them so long! Gah!

But it’s ok – good things can wait 🙂 In fact, it’s probably such a techie thing to do that I probably just going to chill first. I have a power point presentation to do tomorrow morning anyway. It’s a freaking working Saturday **woohoo**

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