PD Solo Ride

This morning, I did a solo to Port Dickson. All the guys were busy with Father’s Day, and some did not want to wake up because the weather forecast was not great. When I woke up this morning, I checked the forecast again and saw that the rain will only come at about 11am. I…

Breakfast Run

This morning I decided to head to Tanjung Malim for a quick breakfast. The weather was awesome, hovering around 25-27 degrees Celsius. Uncommon for Malaysia. But the ride home was just mad. Rain was way too heavy.

Post MCO Ride

Finally, after the MCO – I managed to pick up my bike. It was a long and painful wait but I must say it was worth it. Now it is about me riding as much as humanly possible, while staying safe both from Covid and riding!

New Ride

I have been riding a motorbike since 2012. Starting from BMW F800GS which I must say the most exciting bike. It allows me to go to places that I never imagined I would go. Perhaps one of these days, I probably will get it again. It is light but super tall! After a long thought,…


Back in 2012… I started riding this… Then I upgraded to this… Then I moved to this.. I let go of my GS about a year ago, and now I am ready to be back (except that) it is MCO now. Dawn of a new era!

Weekend Adventure

It has been quiet a while since I last posted on this blog. I have been doing a lot of riding every week. Clocking mileage for my bike. A lot of them. In fact in the past couple of weeks since I picked up my bike I have clocked almost 3500km. Its great. The photo…

Too much getting lost

Few days ago, I took my bike out to checkout Klawang and Jelebu area. I heard the roads were good. I ended up getting lost because I set the curvy road option on my GPS. Combine with my “smartness” – I just got myself lost most of the time. Here’s the video..   And following…

Ride to Fraser’s Hill Gap

In the past two weeks, I have been riding my bike. Not so much focusing on other things but just riding my bikes. The bike is super awesome. I somewhat rediscover what I enjoy about riding. The first few rides were about getting used to the bike. The photo below shows the ride on that…

New GS Adventure

back in 2014 I wanted to change my motorcycle. I initially ordered an adventure bike which is the GS Adventure. It was my dream bike. The bike was used in the show Long Way Round. At that time, I was doing a lot of adventure motorcycling around Malaysia. I love exploring small villages all around….

On the road

Being on the road gives me the sense of calmness. It’s just me and my bike against the world. It’s probably one of the things that I do to escape the stress of the world. Though sometimes riding also create a sense of stress, but that’s part and parcel of riding. And it brings the…

Missing my bike..

Honestly – I regret selling my GS. Despite being lower CC – its such a great bike. It brought me to places where my bike couldn’t bring me. 🙁

Riding Weekend

It has been quite a number of weeks since I last rode my bike. The reason being is that I had to work over the weekend, and one of the weekend I was out of town in Miri. This week – I determined to make sure I clock some mileage on my bike. But the…