New GS Adventure


back in 2014 I wanted to change my motorcycle. I initially ordered an adventure bike which is the GS Adventure. It was my dream bike. The bike was used in the show Long Way Round. At that time, I was doing a lot of adventure motorcycling around Malaysia. I love exploring small villages all around. Going through very small roads with no plans at all.

Every Friday night, I will open Google Maps and look for new roads to explore. I will try to find the most remote roads that is accessible by my motorcycle. Occasionally I will also check the condition of the roads. Next morning, I will get my bike and ride all over the place. Sometimes I will clock almost 500 km in the day. I will start early in the morning and finish my adventure late in the evening. It is very fun.

I remember, when they launched a new motorcycle they were two models that will launch at the same day. The initial plan of the GS adventure was shelved when I saw the new RT. the RT was a dream bike when I first started riding. I was so engrossed with the BMW video that shows a couple riding across Norway. The video below:


and I’d end up buying the RT versus buying the GS. I did enjoy using the bike for a long period of time. But what I noticed is that I’m not able to do a lot of exploration anymore. Which was one of the reasons why I wanted to get a bike. The RT is a great bike. Along the highway, I can go and really high speed and still sit down comfortably. But when I get into the B and C roads, I get into trouble. It is just so difficult to ride the bike on non-highways. Whenever that potholes, I will scream for my life. And I felt restricted with this bike. I slowed down my riding and didn’t clock the mileage that I could have clocked.

Anyway, I went to BMW showroom. I saw the GS adventure again. I fell in love. I met my sales advisor and asked him whether he takes trade in for my current bike. And to my surprise he said yes. The best part I got a very good value for it. The reason being is that my RT is not locally made in Thailand. When I calculated the amount of money that I need to fork out to buy the new GS adventure, I realised that I can afford it. I call the supervisor again and told him that I wanted to make an order. And I did.

Last Saturday, I picked up my new bike. It is such a beauty.

So far since Saturday, I rode almost 500 km. It is such an awesome experience to ride the bike. Last Sunday I went to write with my ex colleague. It was awesome. The video below shows the ride:


I do hope that I will get more mileage with this bike. the RT only had 15,000 km when I sold it. I do hope with a new bike, I will get 15,000 km in the first year!

On the road


Being on the road gives me the sense of calmness. It’s just me and my bike against the world. It’s probably one of the things that I do to escape the stress of the world. Though sometimes riding also create a sense of stress, but that’s part and parcel of riding. And it brings the fun. 

Riding a bike it’s not easy. In fact it’s extremely dangerous. Of all the hobbies that I have, motorbike is definitely the most dangerous. Every time I ride my bike, I am in the mindset that all other vehicles on the road is trying to knock me down, and it is extremely important for me to ride safe. Even at the slowest speed, or the slightest impact can kill me. No amount of protection can save me. Seriously – sometimes I feel stupid, but the feeling of freedom and calmness, just totally out of this world.

Apart from equipping myself with the right mindset, I also make sure that I am well informed and trained. 2 years ago I went to a training conducted by Eric Yong, who is a safety instructor. That training changes my riding. Not about being faster, but being safer. In addition to that, I also read the following books:

Both books definitely recommended. I bought it on kindle. Maybe I should read it again. Can never get enough reminders to be safe on the road. 

My dream is to be able to ride the world, going all around the world on my bike. I’ve seen some of my friends who has done that. One of them who about the same age as me, has travelled the whole world except Africa, which he is doing next year. Perhaps I should plan one trip myself. It’s more than just being financially ready, but also need to make sure health is tip top. As my good friend told me, do the things that you want when you are able. When you reach an age where you can’t, that’ll be shit. Sigh. 

We shall see….