Riding Weekend


It has been quite a number of weeks since I last rode my bike. The reason being is that I had to work over the weekend, and one of the weekend I was out of town in Miri. This week – I determined to make sure I clock some mileage on my bike. But the problem with this week is that the weather is so shit. Where I live is covered with smog!


You can see the index at 138 – that is really really bad. Barely could see anything outside. But I am not going to give up. I put on my N95 mask, and rode my bike. Itโ€™s quite uncomfortable though.

IMG 1263

You can see the background pretty smoggy.

IMG 1267

Where I stopped – its so so hazy…

IMG 1261


IMG 1264

So much about riding. But itโ€™s better than nothing.. hehehe.

Missing my GS

I Love Malaysia, Motorbike

It has been about 1.5 years since I sold off my GS. It’s really a nice bike. For the amount of money that I sold it, I should have kept it. It’s seriously a versatile bike that will allow me to go places that I never imagine I would go.

Having this bike honestly – It’s nice, but due to the bulkiness, I am pretty scared going to small roads. Exploration is seriously limited with this bike.



What I honestly enjoy is not to go thru the highways, but extremely small country roads. Meeting the locals. It’s not about the speed that we ride, but it’s about how we far we can explore. Perhaps I should start saving money, and consider buying a GS again. GSA could be good.. hehe…

Let’s see how my financial looks like in the next couple of months…


Motorcycle vs Cyclist

Cycling, Motorbike

When I was cycling actively, I always wonder how dangerous it is to cycle on the roads. The cycling apparels are not enough to protection person from accident and then seeking help for an injury case. Imagine – the lycra and the shorts not gonna sustain any fall at all. In comparison to motorcyclist who typically adhere to ATGAAT (All The Gear At All Times) – we are more protected. In fact you look at the helmet, a lot of difference. The DOT certified helmets are way more stronger that the cycling helmet.

The following video shows me overtaking a cyclist on the Ulu Yam road. Its quite amazing to see cyclist who are pretty damn fast on open roads.

In fact – in some instances, they do get quite annoying. Many moons ago I blog about the incident where I fell on open road. Pretty damn dangerous. Sigh. My roads was blocked by cyclist who decided to take up the whole section of the road. And it being a double line on blind corner, itโ€™s way too dangerous for me to over take. Since then, I was a bit smarter which is to honk whenever I can see cyclist blocking my lane on a blind corner. Obviously it does help to go slow.

Looking at this video, I do feel like I miss cycling, but I am still not certain whether I am able to comprehend the safety aspects of it. I remember cycling almost 25km daily – non-stop, but after taking up motorcycling, haih – too dangerous. Way too dangerous (cycling I mean).


Food, Motorbike

This morning decided to ride to Taiping for brunch. I’ve worked hard for the whole week – really need this ride to loose some steam. Stop over at one of the rest area for a pee stop ๐Ÿ™‚


After about 200km of riding, I arrived in front of Larut Matang. Serious I needed a very good mee mamak – thus the best choice is Mee Combat from Taiping! How I forget this.


As the mee combat shop was closed, and I was extremely hungry – given that I skipped dinner the night before, I had to eat Omar Popiah! Two pieces will keep me full while waiting for the mee combat place to open ๐Ÿ™‚


This is seriously delicious.


After popiah, I did a quick walkabout looking at the hangouts. This used to be THE shopping place to hang out. But I guess now its just The Store.


This used to be the bus station where I take my Taiping Holiday express bus back and forth from home.


Larut Matang. The 1st floor is where I tailor made my pants. The bottom is the food court. Yum yum…


Whilst waiting for the mee combat, i helped myself for a serving of ABC. Damn good for a hot day!


This is the place. Patiently awaiting for my food.


Finally, after almost 280km ride.. the food..


Before I left home, decided to swing by my old school… MRSM Taiping. Spent a good two years here…


Arrived back home safely at 2pm.. happy and satisfied.. and back to work…