Migrated Out


Migrated out my blog from Amazon AWS back to my shared hosting service which I pay on an annual basis. As I don’t have much traffic running out of my blog. As such it is more commercially viable for me to run this separately.

Initially I moved out of my shared hosting to Amazon AWS is due to me wanting to experiment with cloud, but I guess I the experiment is over… hundreds of dollar gone… 😀

The blog might be slow, but it works… 🙂

Trying out Cast Iron

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I’ve heard a lot of cast iron cooking. In fact – I do have my own le crueset griddle that I use to grill my food. Its great, but I never knew that cast iron will require seasoning! Now that I have realised this I need to season it.

Today I went to Ace Hardware and bought a Lodge Cast Iron skillet.

In fact it’s a combination of a deep dish skillet and shallow skillet. The shallow skillet can act as a cover (I think). As this is not yet seasoned, I will need to season it.

This is not food seasoning where we use salt and pepper (and what ever spices), the seasoning is about opening the pores and inserting oil so that it creates a layer of oil that will provide the non-stick effect.

I have no idea how this will end up to be – but I will provide updates on seasoning process, and how it ends to be 🙂 Cooks Illustrated suggested that we do the seasoning process 5 times… I don’t think I can wait that LONG!


As usual…

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After acquiring a new gadget, am surely will go out and start shooting. This camera is seriously a beauty. I still trying to learn how to use this camera. The multipoint focusing is good, but most of the times it kills what the images that I want to shoot. Reason being is that instead of focusing on the person, I ended up focusing on another high contrasty subject. This is not good, but after going thru youtube after the shoot, I figured out how to overcome this issue.

This morning shoot was at Pudu Market. It’s probably one of the only city market in KL, that majority of the KL-folks will go. I know there are other market like the Selayang or TTDI market, but this definitely tops it all because of its city vicinity. The folks there are definitely friendly. But one thing that I noticed is that most of the workers are either Bangladeshi or Indonesian. Except for the non-halal sections which is majority chinese (and maybe Myanmar). Interesting indeed.

I need to tell myself that I need to go out and shoot every single weekend. I can tell that my streetshooting skill is super rusty. Looking at my photos, I hardly go out to shoot. This is just painfully annoying. But I guess this is what you get when you abandon your hobby. Well – I did sold my Leica M9, so now I guess i need to work hard!