Motorcycle vs Cyclist

Cycling, Motorbike

When I was cycling actively, I always wonder how dangerous it is to cycle on the roads. The cycling apparels are not enough to protection person from accident. Imagine – the lycra and the shorts not gonna sustain any fall at all. In comparison to motorcyclist who typically adhere to ATGAAT (All The Gear At All Times) – we are more protected. In fact you look at the helmet, a lot of difference. The DOT certified helmets are way more stronger that the cycling helmet.

The following video shows me overtaking a cyclist on the Ulu Yam road. Its quite amazing to see cyclist who are pretty damn fast on open roads.


In fact – in some instances, they do get quite annoying. Many moons ago I blog about the incident where I fell on open road. Pretty damn dangerous. Sigh. My roads was blocked by cyclist who decided to take up the whole section of the road. And it being a double line on blind corner, it’s way too dangerous for me to over take. Since then, I was a bit smarter which is to honk whenever I can see cyclist blocking my lane on a blind corner. Obviously it does help to go slow.

Looking at this video, I do feel like I miss cycling, but I am still not certain whether I am able to comprehend the safety aspects of it. I remember cycling almost 25km daily – non-stop, but after taking up motorcycling, haih – too dangerous. Way too dangerous (cycling I mean).

Getting back in the Saddle


It has been a long while since I actually ride my bike. Probably almost a year. Likely because I’ve been spending most of my workout mornings on bootcamp. But I think on the back of my mind, it’s the news in accidents.

I guess, it’s time for me to go back on the saddle. I kinda miss cycling. All the sweat and pain on the butt, is something to crave for! So what I am doing now is to start indoor cycling πŸ™‚ using my old indoor trainer, which is it so smooth, but does the job. As expected, the butt is kinda in pain now, but well it’s parts and parcel of cycling.

Here’s the view of my setup πŸ™‚ putting the bike right in front of the TV for me to enjoy my tv series whilst cycling on my own.

Yes yes, we shall see how long this gonna last….. It’s not as fun as cycling outdoor. Hopefully two weekends from now I’ll be out hitting the roads.