It has been a while since I last rode a bicycle. In fact – it has been probably almost 7 years or so, as my last recollection of riding a bike was me doing some crazy biking during the transition from my job in Cuscapi to Accenture! I guess – from that point onwards I got lazier and couldn’t be bothered to ride! In fact – I transitioned into riding motorcycles, which reminds me that I need to ride my bike more. Sigh.

Yesterday – as I was very bored, very very bored indeed – I decided to head over to Pedalspot in SS2 to checkout on bikes. Nope – I wasn’t planning to get any but my eyes couldn’t take off this Brompton!


Oh wow. Its a limited edition Brompton! Looks super awesome. Ponder for about 15 mins and then boom, another impulsive purchase!

That night itself I went to Desa Park City to get myself acquainted with the bike. Was able to get about 11.5km over an hour. Clearly – I am not fit!

This morning, I also decided to bring the bike over to Putrajaya and cycle all around. I didn’t use Strava or anything – so just myself and Apple Watch. More than enough. Just need to make sure I don’t stress myself too much. My legs was jellied, a clear sign that I’ve not been cycling much. Its ok, I do plan to cycle more often with this new purchase 🙂


Hopefully – I can do at least 2 nights of cycling. Yes – I must. I must cycle more. With the Brompton, I can just leave it in the car and change in office and straight go and cycle somewhere. Probably not around the office though lol.

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