Short Ride to Kuala Selangor

Food, Motorbike

Initially I wanted to do a long ride today, but given the constant wake ups that I got last night due to work, probably not idea for me to do so. In fact, there my RT group is organizing a Landak ride to Sungai Besar. I would love to join but I need to finish some work, vacuum my place and such. 

So I decided to just ride to Kuala Selangor thru Sungai Buloh, via LATAR a. Super short ride. I still need to ride back though. When it’s a short ride means that it’s just a breakfast ride. Kinda bored with Bentong, time to change the air to Kuala Selangor. 

Hehe. Park the bike at the motorcycle place and there’s a restaurant nearby serving Terengganue food. Perfect. Though they don’t have Nasi Dagang. It’s OKAY. I’ll settle for Nasi Kerabu which is far more healthier – I think. 

Good stuff I must say. Probably can come back here if I want my dose of Nasi Kerabu.  Little bit of rice and loads of that serunding ikan. Nice…


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