Working Out Is Important

Workout – something that people always struggle because it is not something that is natural. For me, I have been working out since I was in college.

Gym in the apartment

When I was a kid, generally I would go to the park almost on a daily basis. Playing various sports – from soccer, badminton to those traditional games like “Konda Kondi”. I would not say that I am good in any sports. When I moved to college in Cheras, I started going to the gym and started to learn how to lift weights. There were no instructors and I am certain that I did everything wrong! There were no Youtube and TikTok to help guide me.

After I went to the UK, I started playing soccer. My position was the goalkeeper. Back then, I spent a lot of time playing for the Malaysian Students Association. We went all over UK to play in various tournaments. I am not good at it, but I did enjoy myself. My university mates occasionally still play, but I did not join given my fitness level now. I wish I could, but the last time I played soccer, I tore my calf muscles!

Football Team in Uni

Nowadays – I do work out almost on a daily basis. I rotate between the gym, walking and swimming. I enjoy doing this, but clearly it has not shown any visible results(bad diet). I work out in the morning right before work. Since I moved to my new place, I work out at home, otherwise I go to the gym in the office. I don’t have a set routine or plan, and as we speak now, I am doing a lot of kettlebell HIIT.

In order to achieve my goal to lose weight this year, I would need to make sure I balance food and work out. Clearly – working out alone is insufficient. If you google around, you would know that everything lies in the food that you eat. And clearly, I have not been focusing a lot on this.

Since I started on my goal about a week ago, I have lost about 2kg, which is too much. I need to maintain consistency. The key is to be consistent no matter what. As one wise man said – keep on doing good things, and good things will come. Let’s see!

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