This is me on Sunday morning, woke up late because I could not sleep properly last night. Followed by the weight scale depleted its battery. Then I realised that the spare batteries that I have are AA and not AAA. Scavenging the batteries from the other remotes were harder than I thought but eventually I managed to do so. When I stepped on the scale, it read higher than last night! I wonder what happened. But I took it that water did came to my body during my sleep! 15 minutes later I weight myself and it did show back a reasonable number. That is the adventure this morning!

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Whilst having all these adventures, then the question I have is that what happened to my morning shoot. It’s pretty hot out there and going at this hour is painful. I need to clock in about 4-5km of walk as an active recovery for myself. Feeling lazy – and the this is my typical excuses not going out to shoot. Question is where? Thing to note that it is KL Car Free Sundays – therefore there are no cars in KL up to 9am. What is my next move?

I am a creature of habit, I tend to start my day early and if things go south early in the morning, I tend to sway away and this is not good. I have been in situation of which it swayed and I ended up not doing anything the whole day. Today is a prime example, and I need to put a stop to it. I need to get my ass out to the shower and get myself out there.

Remember back my goal which is to shoot more, and by shooting – I will be able to recoup on my investment AND get steps. I plan to have an active recovery today – which is easy walk and dip in the pool. Been working hard the whole week, and I need to get rest. Feel tired.

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