Straight Lines

As part of my goal of writing more, reprocessing some of the old photos that I have in my library. This photo is taken in Tokyo of which it shows a unique architecture – which I think from the 80s or even earlier.

Walking around taking architectural photo is not my forte, but sometimes when I see things that are interesting, I do take the photo because it is something worth keeping.

I should do the same in KL, but as you know, I tend to not go out because I don’t really like to be noticed. Would like to keep myself lowkey! Given the role that I am holding now, the chance of bumping to somebody is very high!

There were situations of which I went out for lunch – in a some secluded restaurant, and out of nowhere I received a photo from a colleague showing I am enjoying my hor fun! Funny enough, but it is a stark reality that I have a lot of people who recognise me, and I don’t recognise them. Not the best of situation. When you run a shop with more than 1300 people, it is impossible to remember each of them!

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