Bangkok Trade

Throwback of a photo that was taken in my trip to Bangkok back in 2022. Honestly, I am running out of photo to process – thus I have no choice but to look at my old photos and start processing(or reprocessing) them.

The photo taken was shot in a market, cannot remember where specifically the location is. But, I guess it is in Bangkok! The photo shows a buy and sell transaction in the market. Not sure what was sold either!

Honestly – my fascination over market shot is over. I no longer find photos in market to be interesting. I need to revisit my soul and see what sparks my interest. The root cause that I have is that I don’t shoot enough to be able to choose. I lose interest fast, and result in me not shooting enough. To start, I don’t even go out with my cameras! It sits in the dry box waiting for the battery to drain out.

I need to shoot more!

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