In my recent photo walk to streets of Chow Kit, I dropped by Pasar Raja Bot (yes market!). As I mentioned in my previous posting, I have lost interest in shooting market but I will do it if it was an outing with friends. In fact, the shoot itself was a last minute outing that I forced myself to go out and shoot!

While walking around Pasar Raja Bot, which I have been informed that it will be demolished to make a way for a more modern market. From the new building that I saw constructed, it does look modern and clean. Let’s just hope they keep it that way. The market in Malaysia tends to be wet and dirty. In fact, tips of the day would be – please leave your sandals and slippers behind and use a damn shoe!

The photo here shows a collection of switches – which I supposed for the whole floor. It situated right next to the toilet! How convenient. As you can see, most of the switches are fan controllers. I wonder how does one remember which switch is for which!

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