Lift broke down

It’s really annoying when the lift breaks down. An apartment of 21 floors with hundreds even perhaps thousands people rely on the three lifts to go about. Now there’s only 1 lift working. Argh

Polluting Bus

Stupid KL buses. Keep on polluting the air. Sigh.

Long Wait for Taxis

Here’s an article from The Star – date 26th April stating that how frustrating it is to wait for taxis in KLIA. Seriously, I have given up the fact that taxis operations down in KLIA is efficient. Many times, if i was to use taxi, I would resort to use premium taxis, which is about…

Testing technorati tags

This is to test the technorati tags in windows live writer (yeah, i think i should be working now.. ) Technorati Tags: windows live writer,mohamadfazli

Samy Vellu… end of the legacy

Finally, Samy Vellu, probably the longest serving MIC president, and also perhaps one of the longest serving MP, has been voted out by his own rakyat.

Diameter Protocol

Somewhat on Monday I have to present something based on some technology stuffs which i have left for a really really long time. Ha ha. What the heck in Diameter protocol? Its some what…

Another RALLY?

Oh gosh.. This weekend supposed to be the weekend i spent time with my family before i head off for holidays. Damn it.. Blardy hell.. freaking annoying..

What is wrong with society again?

Are we changing to a society that is filled with rage and brawl?

Clearance Delays

Ah crap… i ordered some stuffs from the Internet yesterday morning! And chose Fedex International Priority as the mode of shipment. Serious, its not the most expensive. UPS Worldwide Saver was almost double the price (I dun understand why though). Anyway – I was so happy this morning when I saw that as of 11.25am,…

Sex, Bribe and JAIS

Selangor Religious Department again goes into the deep embarrassment hole when one of their officer (former) is charged with soliciting sex bribes!! Read all about it here.

No more shark fin soup?

 Shark’s fin soup is off the menu at all functions and events organised by the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry and agencies under it. Natural Resources and Environment Minister Datuk Seri Azmi Khalid made this pledge as a commitment to the Malaysian Nature Society’s Selangor Branch Marine Group’s effort to encourage individuals and organisations to…