Weekly Ranting #2- AG replaced, TPM changed, PAC reshuffled…


Despite being extremely busy at work today, I managed to open up my browser and checkout The Star. Saw the headline sounded like this – Cabinet Reshuffle At 3PM to be announced. Oh shit, what’s happening. I was at Pak Lah’s open house last Sunday – and saw PM and then TPM having a good time eating, and chatting away. I don’t suspect anything going to happen. Soon after – barrage of comments came from then TPM and heck… what’s happening.

I am not so much of a political ranter – but at times I do find such news of event interests me. Anyway, here are the three big news of today…

News #1 AG replaced


News #2 – TPM Changed


News #3 PAC shuffled



You gotta be shitting me. News #1 seems to be really crazy. A-G is one of the member of the task force that was assigned to investigate on the supposedly AmBank scandal. I would not want to speculate if there are any malicious about this, but common sense somewhat pointing the whole action be related to it. Honestly I don’t think its a good idea to do it now. The news stated that the reason of that movement is due to health reason. I sure hope that its is true, so that our dear A-G can have a rest and recover well from what ever the health problem is. Though – some of the news report create some suspicion, which I don’t know how to compute. Allegedly, the A-G himself does not even aware that he was out of the job…. 

News #2 – fine. PM has the right to choose his cabinet. So he can do what ever he choose fit. I don’t know how good is the new TPM. Wish him all the best for his new role. It’s not an easy role.

News #3 – is something which I am extremely concerned as a citizen. Appointing Datuk Nur Jazlan as a DPM – effectively will result in him to not be qualified to be PAC chairman. Apparently – there were 2 more members who were “promoted” in the reshuffling. The news also mentioned that with the result of this, PAC hearings will be postponed until a new PAC chairman be appointed. Haih. I am keen to see what’s in the report for 1MDB. Haih..

Such development is very bold and effectively rocked the nation. Despite repeatedly PM said that the whole thing was done to build public trust.. haih… 

Now, let’s wait for what Tun M going to say…

EPF Withdrawal at 60


Here’s my thoughts:

  1. Some people have too little money in EPF thus they won’t have enough money at 60 anyway. They will still struggle. If for 25 years they can’t make enough, how can 5 years makes a difference.
  2. If they retire without EPF – then it’s hard. They need a source of income – which is EPF.
  3. People who are well prepared for retirement – will need to adjust their timeline for money. But this is not an overnight change. 
  4. Fact – EPF monies not enough for retirement. 
  5. Some people use their retirement funds to fund their kids education, it’s noble but the kids will need to support them later otherwise they will be koyak. 

I myself struggling with retirement planning, I know EPF is not enough. I need to have multiple source of income in order to retire happy. Passive income!! 



Its Monday and I am already feeling drained and exhausted. Last night, I finished my call at about 1145 from about 9pm. I spent almost the whole Sunday working. Thank god for a quick motorbike ride to clear the mind. Today I started my day at 8am, compounded by a barrage of calls and triple book appointments. Juggling across multiple appointments across multiple topics. Tiring.

The day it’s not over yet, I am just taking a quick 15 mins just to ponder on what I’ve done today before starting work before calling it close by midnight. Tonnes of unfinished work that needs to be done tonight. Don’t think I can finish it. Need to reschedule to tomorrow. 

Oh man, what have I got myself into. Well a wealth of opportunity and learning experience. I may be working super hard now but it’s all about making it to the next level. Push hard, push smart. What I really need to do is to not burn out. Need to take it easy and hopefully things will be for the better. 

I am still excited about my work, my role and what I’ve done. Passionate about it. It might be frustrating at times but that is the thing I sign up for. Be strong, be brave, be smart. 

I need to start balancing my life. I’ve been neglecting my fitness for the past three weeks. Not good at all. It’s ok. Will get thru this. Will get used to it. 

It’s the new year..


I guess it’s the new year. Every year we all think about new resolutions, new start etc etc.

Honestly, though I think it’s great but all great things does not need to have a start date, great things can start anytime. We just need to have a plan and start as soon as we thought about it.

This year, I spent the new year in bed. Nursing an injured leg( due to my earlier mishap) and bad food poisoning. What a way to start right?

Well – we need to move on and I have the feeling that this year will be a great year(despite a challenging 2014).

Travel dream


Sometimes I always wonder what it feels to travel the world without having anything to worry. Just riding the bike all over the place, experience new cultures and meet new people.

In the past few years, I’ve not travel much due to work commitment. In fact I have not travel much my whole life. During my studies back in the UK, I didn’t travel as much as what normally typical Malaysian students would do. I didn’t back pack across Europe nor took the Eurostar across to Paris. The furthest I’ve gone was to go to Lake Windermere for a competition, fully paid by EDS.

It is my dream to travel the world. Hopefully in my lifetime I would be able to do that. Just jump into my bike and zoom across the continent without any worry of what I have left behind. Obviously I would come back as family commitments are much more important than anything else to me.

Well, now it comes to my retirement plan. I hope to retire early. Perhaps before 50. I can’t believe that I am even considering this, I guess age is catching up and I started realizing that I have not done a lot of stuffs in the past 37 years or so. But all is not lost, we’ve all done a lot in the past and we will do much more in the future. Crying of spoilt milk is a waste of time. We just need to plan for the future and continue to dream and perseveres so that we can achieve our dream.

Enough of whining… Time to move on and plan my next step…