Tiring week

Note – this is one of the posts that I have no clue what I am writing about. Just whining that the hell week(s) is supposedly over but it’s spilling over to next week due to unforeseen circumstances. 

It has been an extremely tiring week, in fact more than that. I have been doing what ever that I am doing for like 2 weeks straight. Just crazy.




Sometimes, I wish that I am just on my bike, and get to go where ever free and easy. Screw the whole world, and it’s all about riding, taking pictures and enjoying the different culture and places. Even if it’s just in Malaysia.

Honestly – despite all the tough work and rough sessions that I have to endure, I do enjoy what I am doing. I know clocking 12-15 hours a day it’s not a healthy culture, but if one do have passion, I think it’s fine. I would say – that I have given up quite a number of things to be committed to my job. Can say that I am a company man, but I guess it’s because I enjoy the work that I am doing(not necessarily good at it).




What worries me at this point of time, is that whether I am taking care of my health and wellbeing. I do admit, working long hours, with little sleep and lots of stress is bad for health. I must say, in the past 2.5 years since I took a career change, I have acquired lots more white hair (and weight too). It’s definitely not a good idea to continue this lifestyle. Striking a balance is key, but balance is to what extend. I always tell myself that it’s important to be driven and focus, but never lose attention to yourself. In the past 2 years, I only taken one holiday – and that lasted for a week. Even when I am on holiday, I was checking my mail and attending conference calls. Not a good idea?

Anyway – I guess there’s no point of worrying without actions. I have thought of a few actions that I plan to undertake in the next couple of week. Let’s see how it goes.


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The question now, have I achieved what I want to achieve since the last career change. I must say, I have made few great achievements in the past 2 years and I am very happy about it. And I am hungry for more. I have one goal that I want to achieve in the next 2 years, and it has been something which I always wanted. But never got around it. This time around, I will do it, what ever it takes (ethical and within my principles). It’s not about getting it, but it’s about being able to be proud of it that I have worked hard for it 🙂

What’s next

I should continue to focus and deliver value to the company, whilst taking care of myself to ensure I am healthy..

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