Should I?


This is the new R1200GS LC, the new completely rebuild GS bike that looks pretty futuristic and comes with whole bunch of funky new features. I must say it does look different from the current bike, but still maintain the key design characteristics like the beak and the lights.

It does come with a hefty price tag – RM128k, almost 50% more than what I paid for my first bike. Thinking of a reason why I should move up and upgrade to this bike 🙂

Awesome bike… hehe..
Need to think of 10 reason why I should move up. I am not even riding enough! 6 months and only managed to clock about 9000km. Sigh. Really need to ride more.
Anyway – today was the launch of the K50 in Malaysia. Amazing event. I didn’t want to test ride the bike. Well you know what they say about puppy sale. Once you ride, then you will buy. In fact, I guess at the back of my mind is more the fact that I am a bit worried with a whole bunch of technical issues that appeared in the past couple of months since it’s release in Europe and US. Perhaps I should wait till end of the year and get the next batch (depends if I have good increment and bonus :p).
So.. here’s picture of me(fat me..) and the new GS…

**seriously need to lose weight.. **

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