Weekly Whinings #2 What’s Happening to The Country

***personal opinion***

It has been many weeks since we heard about the article in which WSJ claims that there was 2.6B transferred to the Prime Minister’s account. 

A task force has been set up to investigate the massive allegation. That 2.6B is so much that I cannot imagine what would I do with it if I have it. Though I am confident that I would be able to finish it!

From that point onwards, things has been spiraling downwards. Days after – another article was posted about the alleged transfer of 2M to the Premier’s wife. Man. That’s a lot of money to be transferred. 

I have heard about various law regarding the control of capital flows – especially from overseas. This is to ensure that we would be able to manage and handle money launderers. 

Anyway – after Raya everything begins:

  1. Deputy Prime Minister who was vocal about 1MDB gets replaced. 
  2. The attorney general who was in the task force gets replaced. 
  3. Three of the PAC member including chairman was given a “promotion” to executive posts, forcing them to resign. 

Subsequent from that – various MACC officers has been reprimanded and questions by the police, including two directors who are Datuk. No reason given as far as I read the news – I might be wrong. 

And then – MACC announced that the 2.6B is a cash donation from overseas. Followed by the fact that political donation are allowed in this country. Huh. To a personal account??

I am not a lawyer but this is getting too much. I hope that all these allegations are false. 

I am just stating what I remember after reading various news article. I might get my facts wrong but I hope I got my gist right!

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