Sad state of A&W Padang Timur


Post burgembira minum was at A&W Padang Timur. That A&W is one of the first drive in .. in Malaysia


This restaurant is an icon in PJ. I’ve been going to this place since… errr I was much younger. In fact, my dad used to work in A&W back in the 60s.

Few things that I observed…

  1. The floor is always dirty
  2. The interior is dated 
  3. The aircond is err rather warm
  4. The tables outside are like kedai mamak
  5. and worst……. the toilet sucks…. 

Here’s the picture of the restaurant….

IMG 1584

and.. here’s the picture of the toilet..

IMG 1582

Not so clean innit????

In fact at I was peeing… a cockroach decided to spy on me. Gosh..

I do hope they somewhat renovate this restaurant. It has so much potential, and given the amount of traffic they have – it doesn’t hurt if they close for few weeks.



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