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Based on The Star article today, the proposal to increase fines to RM1,000 has been shot down. Reason – the fines are supposed to be deterrent and not overburdening…. And its not “People Friendly”.

I totally disagree with that because larger fines mean bigger deterrent. The bigger the deterrent, the more discipline the motorist would be. In fact, RM300 is definitely affordable by many – by the time we move it up to RM1000, many motorist will be afraid of committing any offences and will be extra careful in ensuring that they are with the limits of the law.

Obviously, the drawback of this – there will be more “motivation” for corruption. But with the mobilization of AES – Automatic Enforcement System. This will help in reducing corruption, as one can’t really bribe the robots?

We are just human. Maintaining the fine to be at RM300 is very much like government condoning the traffic offences. Screw being a populist administration. When it comes to safety, its time to put their foot down and take action.

For the faint hearted.. please view this video before you think why you should not speeding (telling myself too)..


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Poverty Line!

Today – The Star , quoted saying that the poverty line for Urban areas is RM3,000. Years ago, when I first started work RM3,000 was a lot of money. But I guess, times change – cost goes up. Geeze…

Screen shot 2009-10-26 at 7.53.45 AM.png

Read more here The Star

This is seriously not funny. Imagine – a university graduate with an excellent degree in Computer Science or Engineering – could probably be given a job that will pay them in the region of RM2000 to RM2500. If they are lucky, the could probably get somewhere in the region of RM3000. But given the fact that not ALL Malaysian goes to university. Imagine the quantum of “poor” people, as defined by the article….

Maybe its time to consider minimum wage…

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The should….

Today, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) somewhat realised that the Government is losing money from excessing contract – The Star .

Screen shot 2009-10-26 at 7.32.06 AM.png

What I don’t understand is that, this particular problem has lurking around the Government for years and years. In fact for some, the Government sector is a cash cow – with hundreds of percent of profit margin. Why can’t:

  • The Government establish a centralised unit that will come out with the “recommended” price for contracts based on the market price
  • The Unit will need to publish the price to public, and will collaborate with industry organization like PIKOM to help them establish the price.
  • The Vendor treat Government like any other client – charge them as if there are you family and uncle.

Guess – we all know what’s happening. I believe, in order to change, we have to change ourselves first – before we expect others to change 😉

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Dear sir…

For the common Rakyat, RM 50 is a lot of money. Can easily pay for the whole week’s food!

Screen shot 2009-10-25 at 8.31.24 AM.png

From The Star Online

Even then, I still support this as the objective is to promote prudent spending (as long as the tax goes straight to IRB) :p

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Public Transport?

I was just having a walk for couple of hours yesterday – shooting some pictures here and there. As usual, I would take the public transport, as it is completely hideous to park my car somewhere in the middle of Kuala Lumpur during weekend.

So, here what I realized, ticket machine…

  • Does not accept RM10 .. Fine…
  • Only accept RM5, RM2 and RM1 .. Fine!!

Well, guess there were too many people using the machine, causing the machine to only accept COINS!!!#@*#(*#@()*()#*@

And because of this….


People queue up for the counter (long innit?)



They can always send one or two of their staff to go and clear up the machines!!!! Grrrr… and what did we say about our public transport again?

p/s did i mention their customer service booth is also close?

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Are we ready?


Petrol to cost more about RM2.70 starting from today, 5th June 2008. Are we really ready to go through this huge price increase. You talking about more 78 cents increase of 40% from the previous price of RM1.92. And worst is not over – based on my understanding the subsidy for petrol increase will be removed in August 2008. The whole country will be subjected to the market price for fuel.

Seriously, I do understand the extend of the problem that the country is facing, with rising fuel cost – and commitment to provide subsidy for the fuel, which has provided stability to a lot of things in the country for many many years, has start to bite them.

I think, most of the urbanites would have known that the fuel price increase is inevitable. Day by day, we heard the news of the fuel price going up over and over again.

Picture 1.png

We are prepared to braced to the challenge of rising fuel cost – which indirectly cause the rise of other prices like food, drinks and services. But, seriously 40% direct increase will really hurt a lot of people. I myself, gonna start paying something in the region of a RM150-170 for a full tank of petrol! I can’t imagine how those ppl who are earning in the region of Rm1500 a month, with 3 kids in the household would be able to survive such striking increase in petrol prices.

I would think the government should have increase the fuel prices gradually, in the range of 10% every 3 months for the next 30 months – in moving towards using global market price for the fuel prices in Malaysia. At least, the citizens of Malaysia would be able to prepare for the worst, and start moving to alternative way of transport such as walking, climbing and cycling… :p

Guess, with the election being last March, that doesn’t really help the government in putting the right strategy in preparing the rakyat for the increase. Fuel prices has always been a problem with the government – any increase will create political risk to whoever running the show. Even a slight increase of 10% would definitely cost trouble. Thus – running up to the election, government is “forced” to not change the prices, and absorbs the fluctuations and increase of fuel prices. Am sure the government will start moving to deficit with such!

And guess, up to yesterday – the government won’t be able to handle it anymore. They just had to do it.. Otherwise, budget presentation in August would be “really” fun – considering the mix in the parliament that we have.

Anyway – are we in recession yet?

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Malaysian Artist for Unity!

Finally its live! Checkout their site at MAFU’s website


Samy Vellu… end of the legacy


Finally, Samy Vellu, probably the longest serving MIC president, and also perhaps one of the longest serving MP, has been voted out by his own rakyat.