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Public Transport?

I was just having a walk for couple of hours yesterday – shooting some pictures here and there. As usual, I would take the public transport, as it is completely hideous to park my car somewhere in the middle of Kuala Lumpur during weekend.

So, here what I realized, ticket machine…

  • Does not accept RM10 .. Fine…
  • Only accept RM5, RM2 and RM1 .. Fine!!

Well, guess there were too many people using the machine, causing the machine to only accept COINS!!!#@*#(*#@()*()#*@

And because of this….


People queue up for the counter (long innit?)



They can always send one or two of their staff to go and clear up the machines!!!! Grrrr… and what did we say about our public transport again?

p/s did i mention their customer service booth is also close?

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