Today, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) somewhat realised that the Government is losing money from excessing contract – The Star .

Screen shot 2009-10-26 at 7.32.06 AM.png

What I don’t understand is that, this particular problem has lurking around the Government for years and years. In fact for some, the Government sector is a cash cow – with hundreds of percent of profit margin. Why can’t:

  • The Government establish a centralised unit that will come out with the “recommended” price for contracts based on the market price
  • The Unit will need to publish the price to public, and will collaborate with industry organization like PIKOM to help them establish the price.
  • The Vendor treat Government like any other client – charge them as if there are you family and uncle.

Guess – we all know what’s happening. I believe, in order to change, we have to change ourselves first – before we expect others to change 😉

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