My first outdoor 10km

Today I decided to go out running because yesterday I didn’t. I seriously need to train myself to run further and faster outdoor because in order to run a marathon I need to be able to run at a reasonably comfortable pace…. Outdoor!

After running for few months in gym, I believe I could start running outdoor. And the myth they runnbing outdoor is more difficult than indoor is definitely true.

In fact, today I ran about 10.23 KM in about 75 minutes. I need to run about 65 minutes per 10 KM in order to run a marathon in under 4 hours 30 minutes. He he.


Outdoor Running

Outdoor running is something which I needed to start if I am planning to rub a marathon this year. In fact, I should have started much earlier when I started running in gym.

Running on treadmill is a big difference compared to running outdoor. Though the leg movement are similar, the effort required are different. The belt help you to run faster and the terrain is totally different.

Today I ran 6.05km in 58 minutes. Something which I can do in less than 35 minutes in gym. But it’s ok, I just need to work harder!

Running Workouts


Picture 2.png

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of running – because I needed a workout that its quick, yet was able to easily bring up my heart rate. My heart is kinda funny – it really takes a lot for it work! If i just do stepper or swimming or what ever, My heart rate would just maintain at an average of 120-130 beats per minute. That doesn’t help if you would like to sweat it out!

I know for a fact that running is the best workout – but at the expense of the knee! Seriously, I am probably not in the best physical shape to run – but i guess, with careful attention to the knee, especially when I land my feet – it should be ok.

The trick is – as what i do when i cycling, is to make sure that the knee position is always bend during landing (cycling – bend at the furthest point of the crank). That it self, will push the weight to my thigh muscle (in return my thigh start growing.. bigger.. and bigger.. and bigger!).

Am glad that I have managed to lose approximately 29kg in the past 3 months – that it self has helped a lot in cushioning my knee. 🙂 and obviously helped me to run faster and further. Moving forward for next year, i intend to continue running, and perhaps start participate in runs – specifically 10km and half marathon. I really doubt i can make it to a marathon next year, but I will do a half year review on my targets, and see if i want to run a full marathon. So far, running 5-6 km is still ok – no dehydration, no tiredness – just that i needed more time!

I continuously monitor my heart rate as well as my pace as I run – this is very important to ensure that i can improve myself as the days pass by. So far, I am good enough to run about once a day! Hopefully i can persevere and continue to run more and faster!

Run run run!