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Back when I was having a holiday in Japan – my favorite chill out place for quick food would be 7-11. Over there – they would have all sorts of good, from your instant noodle to your full blown rice. If something simple, there’s a rack full of onigiri!

I was hungry when I reached Pusat Bandar Damansara MRT station just now and wanted to tapau some food from 7-11 here. Obviously it’s nothing compared to Japan, but a small bun not going to kill me or anything. Just so that I can not be hungry for couple of hours. 

You know what? I saw a pack of Onigiri. Yes it is expensive which RM4 – but it doesn’t stop me from buying. Well generally Onigiri is good for a quick small pack. 

By the way – one thing that I am pretty annoyed with the 7-11 in Pusat Bandar is that it is so bloody small. Almost impossible for me to fit into it, but yet I did. I need to make sure I remove my back pack though. ?

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