Another trip to work

Another trip to work. Photo shows a Japanese male pushing his bike. Judging from the time of the photo, he is likely on the way to work!


I’ve been uncovering a lot more of gems after figuring out how to edit street photos! The photo above taken while I was walking around in the morning shows a lady waving to me. I assume so!

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is probably the most captured mountain in Asia. Whenever anybody goes to Japan, they will try to capture the photo of Fuji. And of course, it is beautiful. Here is my Black and White rendition of Mount Fuji. Taken during my morning walk.

Day 2 – Full Day at Lake Toya

This is day 2 of a 14 day trip to Hokkaido. Going thru the west side of Hokkaido island starting from Chitose where I landed, and then headed over to Lake Toya for a quick over night before I head over to Hakodate. In Lake Toya – it is a quick lay over on the…

Day 1 : Noboribetsu Jigokudani and Lake Toya

Noboribetsu Jigokudani or the hell valley is the first stop that I went to after getting out of the plane. Thank god that I managed to get a good sleep in the plane, the drive was not so bad. Though I was slightly grumpy at the airport because the wait for the car rental took…

Ginza Backstreet

When I was in Tokyo last year on my solo trip, I stayed in Tokyu Stay. Not far from the main Ginza street. This has been my favourite place to stay. It is smacked between Tsukiji Market and Ginza. Was easy for me to walk to Tsukiji for breakfast, and back in hotel in 5…

Looking forward for my holiday break

I still remember back when I was extremely active in photography. Every single weekend, I will be going out to the streets to shoot photo. Be it landscape, architecture or even street. Over time, I improved my skills and now, to me I can say that I am generally good in comparison to other amateurs….

Cafe Hunting – Blue Bottle Aoyama

One of the joy in life is to go cafe hunting whenever you are on holiday. This morning I woke up quite late – as I was extremely tired from the major flight screw up on Sunday. I lost a whole day of walking and a seat in first class. So this morning, instead of…

Cremia – The Best Soft Serve in The World

I have eaten many types of ice cream in the past – this is despite family history of diabetes. Not that I could not care less, but sometimes in life we need to have some indulgence. In fact – I have been cutting down my sugar tremendously because of family history. I don’t take sugar…

Blue Bottle Coffee@Tokyo

I am definitely a coffee addict and I have 3 types espresso machine from this site at home to prove it. Looking at the amount coffee that I consume – I do spend a lot of money on coffee. When I was in Japan – I did go to Starbucks almost every single morning because…