Singapore Marathon – 14 weeks to go

Singapore Marathon is about 14 weeks from now, and seriously – i don’t think i have enough time to prepare for it. My weekly mileage has been extremely low in the past couple of weeks, especially with the fasting month. I should be clocking at least 50km a week to be comfortable for the run, with one long run every weekend. Now my long runs are limited to 10km (time and laziness is the limitation…).

Anyway, decided to use Nike+ to help me train, they have this cool feature called coach, where it can schedule a bunch of runs for you, in view of the build up for a marathon. The problem is, it’ll take 28 weeks to finish the mileage buildup – which is double the time that i have for the Singapore Marathon. Perhaps – i shall take Singapore Marathon as a, in between race. The 28 weeks training is for the Paris Marathon perhaps… The image below shows the target for week number 1…

Screen shot 2009-09-04 at 3.59.15 PM.png

Which is pretty short target, 4 miles only 😀 In fact for today – i definitely have surpass the target but about 3 miles… bwahahahahaha. My slow run just now was this..

Screen shot 2009-09-04 at 4.00.20 PM.png

1:09:39 was my time for 10k, which is too slow considering the fact that I should be going for below 1 hour. WIth the parameters like fasting, and lack of food during sahur – its ok lah. Plus i need to conserve some energy for the rest of the day. Then again, if maintain the same pace for 42.195km, i should be doing it within my target – which is below 5 hours.. we shall see lah..

Looks like tomorrow i have to run again ! Kah kah kah

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