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I used to like running..

I do want to get back into it. There’s so much of peace when I run. Hit the music and just go. Yes I am maybe a bit too heavy but the last couple of months I have managed to lost more than 15kg and I do feel a lot lighter and a lot mobile. The more I run, the faster I will lose weight (provided that I keep to my diet).

This morning when I woke up I was deciding whether to go to the gym or to walk. I decided to go walk instead because i wanted to sweat out. The weekend has been quite bad for my diet and doing weights not going to help much in removing the toxins unless I whack big time. So walking was the best. As I got to the car, then the tummy started giving me tummy issues. So I had no choice and did a stop at the other park (not arboretum) as it has a working toilet. Given the time spent in the toilet, I had no choice but to run or walk at the park. So I run lor.

I ran very slow because of my weight and fitness level. Whilst maintaining about 135BPM, I also ensure that not much impact to my knee. I remember a video that i saw about running slowly with smaller steps is much better than whacking. Well – to my benefit it works. I ran most of the track but of course extremely slow. Probably about 20% faster than my walking speed. I can obviously run faster but after 200-300 meters, I probably run out of steam and will be complaining of aching bones.

I think tomorrow I will continue running, maybe try at least three sessions this week. It’s relaxing especially if it’s outdoor. Indoor is a tad boring. And if I don’t have any shows to watch, I would probably fall asleep.

I need to think about my strategy after I get my new car. It is plug in hybrid therefore I need to charge it. The gym in the curve have a charger so maybe I need to run at the gym while waiting for the arrangement for power socket in my parking bag my apartment get sorted out. Let’s see.

All in all, a great start to the week!

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Day 17 of 364 – Turning 40 Project

11.8% progress

Thats how much of progress I have made after a duration of 4.6%. Its definitely good progress but expected to happen during the early part of the loss. It is a long way to go and I do not need to get overboard with the quick loss. In fact if any rebound were to happen at this time, it’ll be double as fast. Its going to be so easy to jump back 4.6% – probably faster than the blink of an eye.

I am actually quite worried that I have not been eating enough food. Calorie deficit is good, but over deficit will cause loss of muscle which is unhealthy to me. Some might say that that losses is normal and part of cutting phase. But cutting too much muscle is just useless. This is more of fear that I have than reality. I do not want to repeat the Cohen diet that I did about 10 years ago in which I lost a lot of muscle and looks way too damn skinny after the completion of the diet. I do want to be muscular-ish. Hence the target weight is about 85-90kg in which given that my lean mass is about 75-76kg, the target weight will give me approximately 10-20% body fat. Note that my ideal weight based on my bone composition and height is 76kg.

Yesterday was a typical leg day. I took double protein – as per the last couple of days. Despite pushing slightly heavier weights, I am not feeling much DOMS. The whole notion of pushing double protein really helps in recovery. Either that or the extra sleep is really giving me that extra recovery power. Alternatively it could be because I have not been pushing myself! There are going to be a few travel for me in the coming months, Need to get myself to focus on the money trail. Which is to remain low carbs with one cheat meal a week. I do feel a bit cautious about this week, as I have been pushing extra hard given that on Monday (start of the week), I am 0.5kg above the target schedule, In fact given the circumstances if I didn’t cheat that much last week, I would have been able to reach my target goal by today. Well – there’s 3 full days to go and I need to lose 1 more full kg. Not going to be easy but we just do it. I do have an extra couple of days in this month that I can make up in case I didn’t make the target numbers, but let’s not do that. I rather use that as a buffer for the future effort.

Physical transformation has started. My shorts that I used to sleep are too big! My shirt are feeling loose, pants are folding when I use the belt. Despite all of these, I am only 12% progress, there’s more to come. Not easy, not simple, need to push hard. Would love to have something quick and simple, but having something to quick are not sustainable. In fact, the way that I am eating this week is in no way sustainable. Honestly – reason being is that I am so lazy to make anything for dinner. Waking up about 4am does tax me at night. I will be zonked out by the time it reaches 9pm. In which I should be going to sleep. Because I need that 7 hours of sleep to sleep.

Let’s continue to push on for the weekend. I may one to do a long cardio tomorrow (provided I don’t get my bike). Maybe I do three rounds of arboretum. I need to be careful of low sugar. This will be good fun because it’ll give me sweat out. Alternatively I can go to Firestation to sweat it out. I don’t want to go Firestation for now as I wanted to build some momentum in my running before heading over again. I do have 20 passes left that I need to use by July. Maybe in April I start going once or twice a week. With strength and endurance, I would be able to enjoy it better. I have not gone for about 3 months. Getting back there going to be a journey!

Fun Posts

St Charles/Q Center

Asked any “seasoned” Accenture folks, they would know or heard about St Charles. Back in the old days – every Accenture folks (or Andersen Consulting then) are required to travel to St Charles in Chicago to attend their central training. In the past couple of years – the central training has been distributed across the globe as part of reducing the cost.

I myself was lucky to be able to attend central training almost once a year. I remember the first time I attended, that was back in 1999 – roughly about 3 weeks after I started work. That was pretty hard as I just got into the workforce, no credit card no nothing. Now is definitely a lot easier. Not that I needed to spend money in St Charles, everything is paid for including food.

One of the best thing about St Charles is the fact that it’s really pretty. You can see the photo below – the trees that surrounds the compound.

Nice walkways

In addition to that, they do have a fully equipped gym! I remember back in the old days where there weren’t that my gym available in Malaysia. Having to go to gym at 5am was something that is new to Malaysian like me! Now its pretty normal to see gyms tobe packed.


And of course – the wonderful fireplace – that keeps me warm while working 🙂


Fun Posts

Just received a note last night – and now I have to fly over to Europe(Prague) on the week of the 12th December. Just when I recently cancelled two trips to US(one was supposed to be next week). In anyway – US I have been many times, Europe is probably one of those places in the world which I have not explored (except for UK – since I studied there).

Back those days in UK – I hardly had enough money to survive, thus travelling around Europe is a no-go (though it was a norm for Malaysian students studying in UK to backpack across Europe during summer!). So now – my chance to rekindle back with European air. In fact the place I am heading to is very interesting – one of the fairytale destination. Too bad I am going there for work. Not so sure if I can slot in a few days (perhaps 2-3 days) of off days – so I can explore the city! Would be quite nice. But we shall see. Weather is expected to be high of 2 degrees celcius!! I’ll be damn.

Anyway – In view of my bootcamp routine, I’ll bring along few inferno workouts for me to perform in a cold country. Doubt I’ll get a chance to run. it’s almost freezing point – no way I can run in that weather (maybe not).

Will drag along my X100 to shoot some nice pics…