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Just received a note last night – and now I have to fly over to Europe(Prague) on the week of the 12th December. Just when I recently cancelled two trips to US(one was supposed to be next week). In anyway – US I have been many times, Europe is probably one of those places in the world which I have not explored (except for UK – since I studied there).

Back those days in UK – I hardly had enough money to survive, thus travelling around Europe is a no-go (though it was a norm for Malaysian students studying in UK to backpack across Europe during summer!). So now – my chance to rekindle back with European air. In fact the place I am heading to is very interesting – one of the fairytale destination. Too bad I am going there for work. Not so sure if I can slot in a few days (perhaps 2-3 days) of off days – so I can explore the city! Would be quite nice. But we shall see. Weather is expected to be high of 2 degrees celcius!! I’ll be damn.

Anyway – In view of my bootcamp routine, I’ll bring along few inferno workouts for me to perform in a cold country. Doubt I’ll get a chance to run. it’s almost freezing point – no way I can run in that weather (maybe not).

Will drag along my X100 to shoot some nice pics…

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