Street Shoot – Brickfields

Felt like Thosai today, so I woke up – rode my Vespa over to Brickfields for a quick Thosai. I was being very careful as I didn’t want to go to a place where the SOP compliance is poor. After circling around, a few times – I saw that Sri Pandi had an outdoor table, and it was quite spaced apart.

Spaced apart – away from the crowd.

After breakfast, I did a quick walkabout, equipped with mask (and spares too) and hand sanitizer. Paid particular attention to make sure I am socially distanced from any of my subjects. I also equipped myself with 35mm. Not a lens that I typically bring out, in fact I don’t even remember the last time I used that lens. Anyway – it was quite a change, but given that I need to be socially distanced, it was quite a good lense. I could have used a 50mm but I just not very good at it!

Back of a restaurant
Back alley

The beauty of riding a scooter is that I am able to move myself to different part of the city quickly. Rode around my usual places, but it does seem like the city is so crowded, so I decided to head home instead.

Zion Church

Fun Posts Photography

Missing Photography

It has been a long while since I last took any photos. My cameras are all inside my dry box, waiting for me to take it out and shoot. The question that I have in my mind is:

Should I go out and shoot

The Situation Now

Here are the facts with regards to the situation:

  1. Movement Control Order has been transitioned to Conditional Movement Control Order.
  2. There are no limits with regards to the movement except for the areas designated as a lockdown. The Ministry of Health will lock down any areas if there are clusters detected.
  3. We can go out and roam around but will need to take the necessary precautions like social distancing and masks.

Should I Wait?

Honestly, I am not particularly sure whether I can or not go out. The facts that I listed above is based on what I read in the papers. Even today, when I drove to The Curve to buy a birthday present for my dad, I was not very sure but took the chance as I really need to get him a present (sounds stupid right?). Yes – come to think of it.

Here is my thought process with regards to whether it is safe to go out:

  1. I need to pay particular attention to social distancing.
  2. Always wear a mask.
  3. Do not interact with people UNLESS it is absolutely necessary.
  4. Stay away from crowds.

Seriously, it is a predicament that I have. After more than 1.5 months being stuck at home (or in-office), I am now rearing to go out to get fresh air. Though shooting is a non-essential activity. I can postpone this further rather than taking unnecessary risks.

After – reading what I wrote above, I have made the decision to NOT GO OUT and will stay at home until further notice. I will decide again, come next week.



One thing about walking around in Kuala Lumpur, you do see a lot of people just hanging out by the side. Not sure exactly what they are waiting for or they are taking break from their jobs. But surely this is a common sight that you see.

I would like to think that they are just taking a break, and waiting for the time to get back to work. The photo above was captured near Wenworth Hotel behind Pudu.


Street Shoot 27 August 2016

Today – yet again I took my Leica camera out. I dropped it the other day in Penang, and hoping that there are no impact to the optics. I think there is but I am not particularly sure. I need to test it a bit more. Sigh. This is going to cost me hell a lot of money if I were to repair this camera. I am not really sure – is it because the shutter speed is too low that I don’t get sharp images. But of course at 1/30 – I am definitely not going to get sharp photos. I guess tomorrow I need to change my shutter speed to 1/125 and 1/250 and see how that turns up. Anyway – here are the shots from today.

Hari ini – saya sekali lagi membawa kamera saya keluar. Saya telah menjatuhkan kamera di Penang beberapa hari lalu, dan mengharap tiada impak kepada optik kamera. Saya tidak pasti. Saya hendaklah terus membuat kajian lanjut. Sign. Ini akan mengenakan saya dengan kos yang tinggi jika saya hendak membaiki kamera ini. Saya tidak pasti jika gambar goyang adalah kerana “shutter speed” terlalu lambat yang membuatkan saya tidak mendapat imej yang tajam. Tetapi pada 1/30 – saya memang tidak akan mendapat imej yang tajam. Saya rasa – esok yang akan tukar “shutter speed” kepada 1/125 dan 1/250 dan melihat imej. Sila lihatlah gambar-gambar dari hari ini.


Note: I am trying to improve my Malay – as such I will be trying to provide the blog post in two languages, as much as I can. As it is now, I am not even have time to post pictures!